Tuesday, February 27, 2007

British Are Coming, British Are Fleeing

As usual media created big fuss regarding Britain's decision to withdraw 1500 soldier from Iraq or you can say the same fuss created with the British decision to put their hand in the US hand and go together to the hell of the land of Two Rivers.

I know and most of the Arab world knows, how the Americans and British people are fond of adventures? For example, an Arab individual whom his main concern is to have a rest whenever he is free, can't understand foreign people desire to climb mountains and even lose their lives for this goal, or to go o the middle east for tourism though they know that it is full of moslem extremists and get killed there?

It is the same with the British soldiers mission in Iraq, the Iraqis till now, do not understand why did the British come to Iraq and why they decided to flee now?

Why would a British soldier leave his England where he can have a bottle of wine or glass of beer in one hand and a girlfriend in the other and go to a primitive place like Iraq to be surrounded by Sadder loyalties shouting all the time, " Bush is telling Blair, Be careful of Sayed Sadder," a shout a British soldier would need 100 year to understand its vague meaning.

When you ask a British person about Britain adventure in Iraq, he will tell you that he did his best to stop the war by marching in a one million demonstration against the war and put the blame on Blair.

Moreover, if you have the chance to sit with British and American journalists together, you will listen to a very silly conversation between the two of them, the British journalist who writes every day in his newspaper about the invasion and its crimes, feels proud over his American colleague out of his belief that the British soldiers in the south behave better with the Iraqis than the Americans and that people in the south are in love with them!!!!!!!! Something absolutely absurd.

But the big question most of the Iraqis is asking is, why Britain with all its history in colonilization, in a way it used to be called literary, " The empire in which the sun never disappear," would accept to be a follower to the US in such a humiliating way and go to the quagmire of Iraq?

I asked this question to an Iraqi nationalist and his answer was like that, Britain is the leader of colonization in the world over the history and in fact the US learned colonization from the British, so British are the masters and the Americans are their followers.

When the US consulted the British about the invasion of Iraq, the British found it a good chance to remind the world that they are the masters of colonization and that the Americans are only stupid imitators, and with their old experience in Iraq, they knew that Iraq would be the best trap for the Americans that they would regret it all over their history.

So, they say ”Yes” to America but with a condition to be in the south of Iraq cause they knew that this part of Iraq is inhabited by Shiite who were ready to make an alliance with the devil to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and to be close to the wells of oil in Basra and Umara.

If the US are little bit smart they would ask the British to go for few months to the western part of Iraq, God only knows what would happen to the British soldiers and how their behaviour would be with the Sunni people there?

In Summer of 2004, some of the British forces came to the Death triangle inhabited by Sunnis, the first day they arrived six British soldiers killed all together in one attack, after few weeks the British went back to the south.

After four years, the entire world became aware of the big disaster created by the invasion and the scale of the damage cause to the Iraqis on all levels and after the US loss of all its credit in the Arab world if not all over the world, the British think that their mission is accomplished and they can flee now and leave the Americans to find a solution for their dilemma in Iraq.

The most interesting thing, the nationalist added that the British claim that they have spent 52 million pound for reconstruction in the south within a campaign is called “Sindibad” which from its name you can understand that it is imaginary cause Sindibad himself is one of the imaginary characters of 1001 night stories.

If you go the south of Iraq and this is by the admission of the British newspapers, you can not find any trace of this construction apart of planting some palm trees here and refurbishing some schools there and in fact you would accept that claim though you know that the oil in the south is more than the drinking water there and it is under the control of the British and they can play with it as they like.

But, let us forget about reconstruction and think about the legacy left by the British in the south, do not ask a Moslem woman about the situation there but ask Christian and see what she would tell you while she is wearing her scarf and planning to leave in fear of all Shiite militia gathered there and terrifying anybody stand against them.

Basra now is an Iranian city where you can find pictures of Khomeini and Khamini’i and thousands of Iranian books, in fact the original people there are complaining that the city is losing its Arab identity and even woman hijab is an Iranian not as the well known Iraqi hijab style.

The simplest dream for the people in Basra, they thought the British would accomplish for them is to have a hospital for the children there but over four years now,though million of dollars have been looted for a huge project to build such a hospital, people can not see one brick of this project on the ground.

The people are asking there, “ Did the British come to Basra to pave the way for the Iranians to occupied the South of Iraq supported by its Iraqi allies and after doing this mission in the most perfect way, now they are fleeing? Thanks alot for that, dear Brits, we are so grateful to you."

Monday, February 26, 2007

Iraqi Kids After The Invasion

I was talking with an Iraqi psychiatrist about cases of kids traumatized by the war and terror wave that is ravaging Iraq, the doctor told me that the number of the Iraqi kids who suffered of different types of sycho problems since the US invasion till now is increasing rapidly.

He said, " If I receied five patients in my clinic every day, be sure one of them is a kid, which means I receive no less than 60 kids per a month."

The doctor was talking about Iraqi girl whose only 9 yr old but she is in panic all the time and all of a sudden she might start screaming without any reason if she is at home or at school.

The reason of her case is that while she was heading home from her school she has seen some gunmen kidnapping a kid after beating him severely and she was stuck between but survived by a miracle.

The only way now to clam this kid is to give her valium tabelt and make her sleep, otherwise sh won't stop screaming and shouting, " They are coming, they are coming, they will kill me."

But the doctor voiced to me his surprise for a new case he received recently which he had never come close before since he became a doctor.

The case is of a sister and her two brothers, she is only 12 yr while her brothers are 8 yr and 6 yr, they live in Sader city. The father has divorced the mother and the mother runaway some where and left the three kids alone.

The three kids were left to the drug gangesters in Sader city who did not spare any effort to provide the three kids with different kinds of medications, in a way these medications became their real nutrition.

All of that is fine and ok and we can find such thing everywhere but the doctor said that he was shocked when he found the 12yr sister does not feel ok and happy unless she takes Viagra because she is addict to Viagra!!!!!!!!!!!!

" When the three kids brought to the hospital by a man who volunteered to help the kids, I found that the boys are addict to different types of medications but for my shock, I found this young girl is addict to Viagra, how can she take it and why she is taken this medication, something I could not understand."

I needed to talk with an Iraqi girl whose her school is attacked by mortars and she herself was wounded, she said, "Thanks God, the break was finished an we we just heading back to our classes when the mortars fell inside the school, it would be a real massacre if we were in the school yard, but I was wounded in my hand and so as many girls with me."

The school now is deserted, only 12 girl would come to the class because some of them, their families stopped sending them to school because they do not want them to be killed.

" every week, I might go once or twice to the school though I like my school and classes very much but it is very risky, the tripe to the school is risky too and my mother is worried all the time, that i might be kidnapped." Hadier said.

At night, I put the satellite on Iraqi local channle is called, there was a program about kids education and what are the suitable means to educated the Iraqi kid and raise him in the right way, I sat to listen to the woman who was hosting a man was talking about this subject and answering the viewers questions.

The mobile rang, and it was a kid from Hilla who wanted to ask the man a question and see what does he think?

The question of the kid was, is it Halal or Haram for a kid to wound his head with a sword or anything sharp in the anniversary of Imam Hussein in an imitation of the way Imam Ali assassinated in Kufa mosque by a persian guy who was carrying a poisioned sword?

The man answer to the kid was like that, he said, " Dear kid, before I use to disagree with this habit but recently I discovered it is very useful and even appreciated by world psychiatrists for its merits, and in addition to that, according to the Sharret law it is Halal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really could not understand how Islamic Sharret would accept a kid hurt himself like that while all its laws are meant to maintian the safety of the moslems and every body knows how sensative the head is, being a major part of the body and a kid might lose his conciousness or sight by hitting his head with sharp tool and thought the man answer would be to execuse this kid of such thing and wait till he becomes a man, at least.

Poor Iraqi kids, I do not know where he will get from? and when he will live like any common kid in the world away of blood, violence and terror.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bush Revenge

I was talking with some foreign journalists about the situation in Iraq and the reasons behind the US invasion to Iraq, one of the British journalist told me that the real reason of the war was Bush, the son, desire to revenge for his father.

I looked at the man and really could not believe what he had said, I was completely shocked of his speech.

Is it believable that that journalist believe in such thing and if it is true, is it believable that the president of the supreme state in the world belives in revenge?

I have heard and read alot about western world resentment of the Arab society being primitive and tribal as one of its main principles is revenge but never think that Bush believes in revenge like any Arab tribe and he launched this bloody war which claimed lives of thousands Iraqis and American soldiers just to revenge for his father whose ok and enjoy his life in peace and tranquility.

But even if we consider the war as a revenge attempt by Bush for his father, again everybody knows that if Bush had a revenge with the Iraqis, it must be with Saddam Hussein because the US accused Saddam in 1993 of planning an assassination attempt against Bush the father in Kuwait and the answer was the second day.

I stil remember it was June 29th at mid night, I was sleeping on the roof and all of a sudden a sharp light shined in the sky and disappeared and when I woke up in the morning I knew that US under Bill Clinton leadership had attacked the Iraqi Mukhabart headquarter in Mansour and damaged many houses there and killed and injured alot of Iraqis.

So in accordance to the tribale norms and traditions, the US revenge to the failing attempt and though they lost nobody, they killed few Iraqis, so wht they want more? in fact even if an Arab tribe wants to revenge for the killing of one of its member, the revenge would be against the person who committed the crime not against the entire family or tribe.

Bust look at Bush revenge from the Iraqis, it has exceeded the most well known revenge in the world and even our tribal system proved to be more civilized than Bush system cause you can pay compensation to the victim's family and finish the subject.

With Bush revenge, though all Iraq's wealths have been drained by the US and its allies for more than four years now, more han 650,000 Iraqi killed in this war, regardless of the missing and handicaps or those who are left with psycho problems or homeless, all of that was not enough.

To revenge for one man, an entire country with more than 26 million has to be destroyed completely and its leader has to be slaughter for the eyes of Bush, the father, like a sheep and still Bush the son is not happy.

can Mr.Bush tell us what does he want from the Iraqis and what they should do so that he would be totally convinced that he had revenged for his father and that his mission was accomplished and he is the best avenger in the history?

Is it not enough for Bush all this Iraqi blood had been shed for the sake of his father? and to submit Iraq on golden dish to Iran though he claims all the time that he is not happy with Iran and war with Iran is imment, though every body knows that these are mere lies and both states enjoy the best relation in the world.

Is it not enough for Bush that he brought all the criminal parties and movements in the world and gathered them in Iraq to rule this country and its people to the downhell?

I have to say that that war made the US loose its fake shining picture in the world particularly in the eyes of the Iraqis, because pre the war, Iraqis idea abou the US was great and that US is the most advanced state in the world with the help of the western media and because the Iraqis neither had the chance to travel to the US to discover the reality of that fact nor the Americans could come to Iraq so that the Iraqis can discovery their reality.

But bush made it easier for both sides, he brought the US forces to Iraq to commit the most horrible crimes in the history of humanity against Iraqis and left the NIQAB from the face of the US, to expose its ugly face to the whole world not to the Iraqis only.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ammar Al-Hakeem

I was watching a program run by Iraqi satellite "Al-Diyar" about basic services in Najef, problems of housing, fuel and getting basic needs to live like any normal person in the world.

The program showed familes who had become homeless since the showdown in 2004 between Sader loyalists and US forces, all of them were complaining of the bad conditions there and that they did not get any compensations for their damaged houses or lost sons, or wounded.

Some of them work for the government and their salaries are not enough to buy fuels, food and medications, a woman who was carrying a baby said that hse lost her 4-month son because of poverity and luck of basic treatment and that even she can not buy a dress for her.

The situation was miserable by all means and the people there were shouting where is the government that we have elected, can they come and have a look and find a solution for us, are not we Iraqis?

I looked at these people and I know there are thousands of examples like them all over Iraq and wondered why the Iraqi people lost any energy to go in protest against the crazy prize of fuels in addition to its absence from the streert, why the Iraqis are ready to stand in line for gas for a week and do not go in protest over that?

why they do not protest for the luck of security, power, water and services? why? what happened to our people?

Then after few minutes I turned the channel to watch Iraqi local satellite "Al-Furat" and saw people in Najef and some other provines in the south were marching in protest for the arrest of Ammar Al-Hkeem for four hours by the Americans and that they were upset and even Adel Abdul Mahdi is upset, the vice president for that and really surprised.

I just want to know these people who are protesting for Mr.Ammar whose is fine and ok, did they ever think to protest for the 50 or 60 body found in Iraq every day thrown in teh trash, these peopel are not human being, not Iraqis, only Mr.ammar who lives like a king, while most of these innocent people are common people who can't find enough food for them and their families.

I remembered listening to an Iraqi guy who lives in London and contacted Al-Mustakala satellite to defend Malki that he is a great man and even you can see heavenly light shining on his face!!!!!!

And with endless complains by people about the bad performance of the Malki governmnet, the guy clinged to pretext used by the governments and its loyalists that it is an elected government and no one has the right to criticize it.

I turned the channel to Al-Jazeera and watched the news that Italian prime minster has resigned though everybody know that Romano Prodi last year won remarkably in the elections there.

when I saw that I said to myself when the Iraqi will learn real democracy and the governement in Baghdad have the courage to declare its failure to the world and resign.

Sure this is impossible because democracy in Iraq is imported to the Iraqis by the Americans, they know nothing about it and it seems that they want to stay moving in the satellite of the elected government which is blessed by God and Marjiyia and it is beyond and criticizm or democracy.
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