Saturday, May 06, 2006

Killing Masters

It would be so nice of the killing masters in Iraq to provide us with a list of Halal and Haram
“ things approved and disapproved by Islam” regarding names, tribes, jobs, foods, hairstyle, dresses, sects and ideologies to help us find our way among all this mess, at least for the second half of this year.

Khaliel is 25, son of a Sunni man his name is Adel. Adel killed six months ago in front of his house in “ Al-Kam” district in Baghdad. Unknown gunmen shot him and ran away.

Khaliel left alone but his Shiite neighbor, Younis Al-Ruba’ai who was a close friend to his father asked him to come and work with him in his shop in “ Al-Kam”.

Younis left Khaliel in his shop after 2 pm on Saturday and went to have lunch in his house in Palestine street. Younis was forced to leave his house in “Al-Kam” though he lived there for 40 year but he received threats after the bombing of Samara shrine informing him to leave immediately or he will be killed with his family because he is Shiite.

At 3 pm Younis received a phone call telling him that Khaliel, his man was killed in his shop 15 minute ago after being attacked by eight men and he has to come as soon as possible because the body still inside the shop.

“ It was a big shock for me, Khaliel was like my son. I wanted to help him after he lost his father who was my dearest friend. Why did they kill him? ” Younis said in grief.

Abbss Ali, 60 year, a Shiite cleric used to wear a turban like other clerics but few days ago, he showed up in a funeral for one of his friends but when he arrived he surprised all the people who know him before and were sitting in the funeral.

The surprise was Abbass came without his turban which he used to wear for 30 year and covered his head with Kufia. Turban was part of Abbass and hardly any one can recognize him without it.

All men who were in the funeral opened their mouths and one of the men raised to ask him
“ Mr.Abbass, Where is your turban?”

Abbass answered “ A turban might claim my life, I do not want it, many clerics were killed just because of their turbans.”


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