Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Big Cause

“ Al-Mas’ala Al-Kubra” literally means “The Big Cause,” an Iraqi movie talks about the revolution of the Iraqi people in 1920 against the British occupation.

In one of the scenes, a British commander in his military uniform, his name is Wilson appears in the movie addressing a number of Iraqi sheikhs and discussing some issues with them, then an Iraqi sheikh wearing white kufia with black spots and Abaya, apparently from the south of Iraq, you can tell that from his accent, interrupts the British commander and says” Mr. Willson, can you tell me what do you have here (Iraq)?” and all of a sudden a bullet permeated head of Mr. Wilson.

This question which was asked by that Iraqi sheikh in 1920 is on the tongue of all Iraqis on these days after 86 year. What do the multi national forces have here, in Iraq, on top of which US-British forces? Especially after US Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s statement that US forces would not interfere if sectarian war broke out among Sunnis, Shiites and other components of the Iraqi people.

A week after Samara events, when black-clad Shiite militia spilled all their anger on Sunni mosques in Baghdad and killed alot of their Imams, I contacted Munaf Ali, Sunni man, 37, works at the Ministry of Trade, lives in Sha’ab, a predominately Shiite district in Baghdad to check with him about the situation there.

Munaf revealed to me his bitterness and dismay at that day, “ Our neighbor, a Sunni old man, 70, with amputated leg and his son Omer, 22, were killed in their bakery by black-clad guys yesterday just because they used to pray in the mosque.”

When Munaf saw that massacre, he decided to take his old mother, wife and three kids and flee to Kirkuk where his relatives are, “ I am so scared to face the same fate like these two men by Shiite monsters.”

Munaf ran to the main road with his family to get a car, “ The atmosphere was horrendous, the road was full of police and private cars filled with black-clad guys brandishing their arms and vowing revenge of Sunnis for imams in Samara, I looked at every corner desperately searching for a US soldier, I prayed to God to have a US tank or a Hummvee as a self comfort but I could not find either.”

Why the US tanks and soldiers, Munaf told me, were everywhere when events sparked in Sader city few months ago while now I could not find any of them.

“Shiite people are protected by police and national guards whom mostly share same sect but we Sunnis are left naked, only of the US cover though it is full of holes.” Munaf added.

Standing on the road overwhelmed with fear and terror, a Shiite friend showed up and came running towards Munaf, “ What are you doing here?”

“ I want to leave to Kirkuk. The situation is very bad here. I might be killed at any moment ”

“ Go back home now, black-clad guys are touring the place and if they check your ID, they will cut you in pieces.” The Shiite friend advised Munaf.

Few days ago, I was on phone with a guy from Ba’quba, a city part of Diyala province, he told me at haste “ We have to leave our village now, black-clad guys are coming soon to kidnap and kill us with drills.”

I asked him how did he know that they are coming? “ We got a phone call telling us that black-clad guys are at the US base in the military airport “ Al-Faris” in Ba’quba with US soldiers.” His sentence was mixed with shouts asking him to be in a hurry.


Blogger David said...

First of all, are you a freelancer?
Wow, Iraq seems to be like hell now. Why don't you wanna leave?
I can't stand the fact that I'd have to consider myself lucky every day I go to bed unharmed.

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