Friday, May 19, 2006

Romantic Stories

Like a cup of cold water in a hot Iraqi summer was the idea of re running the episodes of Syrian love poet “ Nizar Qabani” on Dubai satellite, I enjoy every minute with the hero and his delicate romantic poems. It helps me a little to forget the horrible reality I face everyday.

I thought Iam the only Iraqi watching this episodes but I discovered that most of my friends, relatives and neighbors do, it is an encouraging sign indicates that Iraqis are still interested in love stories despite all that governance of hatred and killing of their lives.

Then, Iraqi special romantic episodes began to flood on me, my friend in Ba’quba contacted asking for help, I asked him

What is the matter?

I need a human rights organization to contact Sulaimaniyia security directorate?

Why? What is the story?

My aunt is a teacher, she is from Ramadi married to a Kurdish doctor from Sulaimaniyia for ten years now. She was arrested by security forces there under the accusation of supporting the resistance, just because she is from Ramadi.

Then ?

She was kept in the prison in Sulaimaniyia for twenty one day and then released. She and her husband decided to leave and come to Ba’quba.


She went to the school in her new neighborhood to work in as a teacher, the headmaster did not let her resume her work unless she brings a document proves her release from the prison.


Her husband went to bring the document in fear that she will be arrested again but for five days now, we can not find him, even his brothers in Sulaimaniyia lost his trace since he has gone to the security directorate and my aunt is getting mad.

Ok, I will contact the chairman of the human rights organization in Kirkuk, Khalid Al-Izzi, I know he is good in such cases.

Mr. Khlaid, How are you?

Iam very bad.


Yesterday night, operations and emergency forces controlled by Kirkuk governor Abdul Rahman Abdul Fatah, Kurdish lawyer, raided the headquarter of our organization, destroyed its contents and humiliated the guards.


The organization took the responsibility of distributing cooking gas tubes among people, I gave every one his share and finish all the 280 tube, but this has upset the governor because what is happening every time, after distributing 20 tube among people, governor forces would keep shooting in the air to scare people and 260 gas tube will be confiscated by the governor to use them as he likes. I will hold a press conference after two hours on this issue.

I told Khalid my friend’s problem and if he can help, he said “ I know the reason, tell him not to worry, five prisoners ran away of Sulaimaniyia prison last week and Kurdish security forces are arresting any one comes to inquire to the directorate as a precautious procedure.”

Shouts and gun fires broke the silence of the neighborhood, everybody went out to see what is going on?

A quarrel erupted between two families, Shiite and Sunni, the reason was dispute between their kids, each one told the other, “ I will show you who we are and who you are?”

Within half an hour, the neighborhood turned to a battle field, Shiite family brought three mini buses loaded with people from Sader city equipped with hand grenades and light weapons if not drills, they climbed the roof and began shooting against the Sunni house.

After few minutes two mini buses loaded with men equipped with US guns jumped out of the buses and stood in front of the Shiite family house shouting, “ Hey, you coward, we are Sunni terrorists from Hawija, show up if you are men.”

When the Shiite family fired the first barrage of shooting in the air from the roof, Sunni men answered with fires that shaken the entire neighborhood and destroyed the front wall of the roof for the Shiite family.
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