Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saddam Trial Marks The Sectarian War In Iraq

For any person who did not have the chance to visit Iraq or he was in Iraq before the war of 2003 and wants to have an image of current Iraq, I advised him to watch Saddam trial.

When Sunnis In Iraq watch this trial, they forgot it is set up to hold Saddam Hussein accountable for the execution of 148 person from Dujail town in Iraq, but, in fact, it is set up to account all Sunnis represented in Saddam who shares the same sect with them.

The trial shows Sunnis dilemma after 2003 war, they found themselves within day and night defendants for being Sunnis just because Saddam is Sunni and because they were not in “Dawa” party like Shiites or in Peshmerga like Kurds, though many of them executed and imprisoned for opposing Saddam policy and their being Sunni did not excuse them of Saddam punishment.

In this trial, Shiites want Sunnis to prove their refrain of the accusation of their support to Saddam, as he represents all kinds of evil for them, something Shiites won’t believe whatever evidences Sunnis present to the court, at the same time, in this trial, Sunnis demand over Shiites to prove their non-loyalty to Iran, again whatever Shiites do to refute this fact, Sunnis won’t believe them.

Shiites in the trial are represented in the prosecutor whom his main concern is to prove Saddam guilty in killing hundreds of Shiite just because they were Shiite and you can feel from the prosecutor’s impatience that Shiites are waiting on fire for the day Saddam will be hanged and they take their revenge for their victims.

Kurds are represented in this trial by the judge who is doing his best to appease his hatred towards Saddam and pretend to show himself neutral, as Kurds do when they do not count themselves as Sunni or Shiite but as Kurds of separate nation not Arabs, by working sometimes like a referee who solves engagements rise between time to time during the sessions between the defendants and the prosecutors or actually between Sunnis and Shiites while they are exchanging accusations.

Saddam defiant style in the court can be read in Sunnis resistance style towards the US occupation and Shiites domination of Iraq post Saddam and their endeavor politically to prove to the Shiites and Kurds that they are free of the crimes committed in time of Saddam, yet, they were part of the victims.

When all the three parties fell to keep the farce of convincing the other side of his good intention, they ran towards their guns and declare it a sectarian war, to vent their hatred, wrath, historical disputes, rancor and take their revenge by their hands because neither Shiites nor Kurds can wait any more the long sessions of Saddam trial which they issued its verdict since the toppling of Saddam.

And because Sunnis know the end of this trial and can not stand the day in which Shiites and Kurds will hang Saddam, which means the hang of Sunnis they decided to revenge for themselves in advance and declare a sectarian war.

Kurds have thrown the ball in the court of Shiite to take their revenge of Saddam or Sunnis in Baghdad and South of Iraq while they work to achieve their main goal in controlling Kirkuk, to make it part of Federal Kurdistan, a goal, they are fulfilling by kicking out Arabs who came to live in Kirkuk in the seventies and alluring Arab and Turk man families who are original inhabitants by money to leave, if not by mutilating their bodies as death squads do in Baghdad and Basra, all these fact can be found documented with any human rights organization in Kirkuk.

I can say the first day of the sectarian war in Iraq began with the first day the trial of Saddam was set up as the entire Iraqi people with its three main components were thrown in this trial and the fight we watch during the sessions of the trail is a compressed image of the fight that is happening on the ground in Iraq now, except that guns are not allowed inside the court, otherwise we would see a real sectarian war inside the court itself.

Lately I asked a Sunni guy about his opinion of Saddam trial, he said “ I do not watch the trial sessions as well as my family and relatives, even do not care of the verdict if Shiites and Kurds decided to execute Saddam, we took our decision to resist since the first day the US soldiers put their foot in Iraq.”

I asked a Shiite woman from Najef whom her son is executed under Saddam reign about her opinion of the trial, she said “ I want Saddam to be executed like my son who was executed just because he was in “ Dawa” party in time of Saddam.”

I asked also a Kurdish guy about his opinion of the trail as an Iraqi citizen, he said “ Iam not Iraqi, Iam Kurds, we are a nation, I do not care if Saddam executed or not, Iam glad to see an independent Kurdistan.”
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