Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bloody Flowers

Today, we have the first flower in our small garden, God, I have not seen flowers for long time, I really miss them even the flowers shop where I used to buy natural flowers to exchange with my friends or go to have a look is closed.

I went many times to buy few flowers but it was always closed, at the last visit, I saw the owner of the shop who told me that he has received threats for selling flowers and being located in the center of the city, windows of the shop need to be replaced occasionally after every explosion and luck of power kills the flowers before he can sell them.

The man told me that Iraqis no more exchange flowers but they exchange letters with bullet inside as a sign of love of killing.

“ People who used to buy flowers left Iraq as they can’t live with such crazy bloody situation.” the owner told me.

Hana Abdul Qader, headmaster of Secondary school for girls in Baghdad woke up in the morning to go to her school, she found a letter in her car with bullet inside, threatening her because some of the students did not pass the exams in the school and that soon she will be killed because she is sectarian, though some of the failed students share the same sect of the headmaster.

In a beautiful house in Karada, businessman Ali Al-Ruba’ai lives with his family, one of the most amazing parts of the house is its garden which Ali is so keen to put the best quality of trees and flowers in, simply, it is a small paradise.

Just before yesterday, Ali woke up in the morning at a sound of big explosion that have damaged the windows, air conditioners and his car due to an IED planted beside the wall of his garden targeting a group of policemen used to stand there.

Two policemen killed because of the explosion and Ali’s garden turned upside down and out of fear Ali advised to cut all the trees in his dear garden because there might be more IEDS in the future.

The latest threats Sunni and Shiite are exchanging now in Iraq is that Shiite in the south is threatening of cutting oil supplements and Sunni in the west is threatening of cutting the Euphrates while masters of killing are cutting lives of the Iraqis.

Iam happy that birds and sparrows are still honest in their commitment towards our garden and roof, despite all the fear, anxiety and talks of death and killing, they still come in the morning to chant few songs for us though sometimes in haste but still their singing repair our broken ears who have been listening only to the sound of explosions and gun fires since the coming of the Americans in 2003.

Last December an explosion took place in Baghdad Al-Jadida in birds market, I went there for coverage, tens of white, gray and brown birds were killed inside their broken cages and their feathers were full of blood, it was real birds massacre.

Even Iraqi original songs can hardly be found on these days and in fact there is no time to listen to them though I feel Iam yearning to them and their peaceful time but among all this upheaval where and when you can have this chance.

Morning starts with either an IED or an explosion or both and work day finishes with press conferences, Saddam trial, bodies found in trash, missing people still their fate unknown though always they found killed, mortars, assassinations, clashes between resistance and the Americans or the police.

So when can I have the chance to listen to an Iraqi original song like “ Fouk Al-nakhal Fouk” literary means “ up the palm trees” or “ Yum Al-Youn Alsoud, Majusan ana” which means “ You, with black eyes, I will not give up.”

Most of the green belt that supposed to surround Baghdad to protect it of sandstorms and desert creeping was uprooted to be fuel for cooking Maskouf “ Iraqi special style cooking of fish” or chickens or to make bread, in addition to the trees uprooted by the US forces for security reasons.

I was so happy when Karada municipality decided to plant the long way that sprawling from the Germany embassy to “ Al-Hurriya” square with trees as it is bare of any green color.

After few months I passed by the same way could not find any tree only dust and when I asked about them the driver told me that police took them off because most of the IEDS are planted under them at night and they blew up in the morning.


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I read you and Salam close after each other, and it paints such a sad sad sad picture of nowadays Bagdad...

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Blogger Term Papers said...

You used to buy natural flowers to exchange with your friends or go to have a look is closed.Its very sad news.One time I had also faced this problem.

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