Monday, May 22, 2006

The Revenge

Suha Abdul Sahib, daughter for a Sunni mother and Shiite father,20, very cute and beautiful girl recently married to a Shiite police officer who killed himself to get her though there was a kind of family objection to this marriage because she was supposed to get married to her cousin.

But Hassan Ali, the police officer kept pressing and did not spare any tribal means to convince the family to accept him as a husband for Suha.

Hassan succeeded in his efforts and he got married to the woman of his dreams and took her to live with his family in a Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad.

After the formation of Ja’feri government, scandals of the ministry of Interior’s secret prisons for torturing Iraqis particularly from Sunni sect began to show up on the surface after two months of the government resumption of its work, pictures of people tortured with drills and electricity were everywhere in Baghdad.

Few people were able to survive out of the massacres of the prisons and only after a huge campaign made by the Human Rights organizations and US forces who voiced their anger for such barbarian acts.

Those people who were set free after long months of torture in these prison were able to recognized Hassan as one of the police officer who used to torture them in these prisons and decided to revenge of him.

The house was under intensive watch and the plan was set up to make Hassan taste some of the torture he used to spell on these prisoners and to be in shame all his life.

Suha who knows nothing about her husband work only that he is a police officer, was in her way to go to her family house when she was surround by two cars full of gunmen who blocked the way in front of her, put her in their car and runaway.

After few days, Suha was thrown back at the front door of her husband’s house but in a terrible condition and torn cloths.

Since that day, Suha told her husband that she can not live with him any more because she can not stand him any more and because she is broken completely.

Suha lives now with her family, does not accept to see any man even her brother, absent minded all the time and when her mother tries to speak with her she keeps crying and does not accept to talk about what has happened to her.
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