Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Suicide Doctor

Muhammed’s family was so glad when he admitted in the college of Medicine, Baghdad university few years ago. He was the only family member who was able to fulfill his mother dream to have a doctor in the family.

Few months ago, Muhammed had to be trained at the forensic department at the Medical city hospital in Baghdad part of his study, but he started to have some psychological problems because of his exposure to the tens of mutilated bodies submitted to the forensic department due to the deterioration of the security in Baghdad, in addition to the victims of car bombs and IEDS, whom most of them charred or injured in an eerily way.

Muhammed Ismael, this is his full name, stopped his training and sat at home because he could not continue any more, the family decided to take him to a psychotherapist to see what is wrong with him and how to find a solution for that problem which was posing a great threat to his future as a doctor.

The doctor advised the family to let Muhammed have a vacation and to be taken away of his training site.

Muhammed who used to go out everyday before, got fed up of sitting all the time at home doing nothing, he started to quarrel with the family to let him go out as he feels suffocated of being imprisoned at home all the time.

The family understood Muhammed’s demand and began to take him out but only to be with his father or one of his brother, in fear that he might runaway or get lost as he little confused about locations after falling sick.

In one of the evenings while Muhammed was sitting at the front door of his house, his brother went inside to bring something but when he got back he did not find, he asked all their neighbors, friends and relatives, no one knows where did Muhammed go?

The family did not give up hope in finding Muhammed but all their efforts did not help in finding him, till the family received a phone call from the forensic department to come and speak with the doctor there.

When the father sat to talk with the doctor and see what was the reason behind the phone call, the doctor showed the father a CD and a picture of Muhammed.

The CD was for Muhammed putting on an explosive vest round his west and carrying out a suicide bombing operation in one of the neighborhood in Baghdad and a picture for him after the operation as a dead body.

The doctor told the father that he found the CD at the forensic department but he does not know who brought it here.

Funeral for the suicide doctor set up in Hay Tunis in Baghdad without Muahmmed body but with a black sheet mourning the end of Dr.Muhammed Ismael.
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