Saturday, May 27, 2006

Safe Heavens

I was listening to the presser for Bush and Blair last Friday in which they voiced their happiness that the world now is safer without Saddam Hussein and admitted the commitment of few mistakes in Iraq on top of which Abu Ghraib scandal.

The statement could be more accurate if they have put it in this way, “world now is safer for the entire globe except for the Iraqis.” I do not know if Mr.Bush knows or he does not want to know that Iraq now is the most fearful spot in the world for its people, and what Iraqis are looking for now is safe heavens where they can have some peace like other world's people and to indicate that, I will tell you the latest stories I got after the presser.

Captain Salam Al-Zuba’i has received many killing threats for working at the Ministry of Interior, the latest warning revealed impatience of the side who is threatening him in Yousifiyia town, south of Baghdad where he lives and left him with a deadline to reconsider his job.

Salam decided to challenge the warning and continue his work though his family has advised him to quit and leave the town.

Last Friday while Captain Salam was heading home, he caught by few gunmen at the main bridge in Yousifiyia, he got several shots in his head but it seemed that was not an enough punishment, he was hung on “ Al-A’naz” bridge to be an example for any one works with the government or has the inclination to do that as leaflets left down his body said.

When the news broke out in the town, no one dared to pull Salam‘s body down except his brother who ran to the bridge and disbanded the robes around the Captain's body, no funeral set up for him and he was buried quietly in fear of gunmen retaliation.

Today at 11,30 am, “ Al-An’z” bridge blown up by unknown gunmen who have mined it with IEDS though it is the only bridge that links Yousifiyia with Ameriyat Al-Falluja. But till now people in Yousifiya do not know who blew up the bridge whether Salam’s tribe, in show of anger for the killing of one of its member or the gunmen who killed Salam again in anger for pulling his body down of the bridge.

On this bridge, Sheikh Iyad Al-Izzi, spokesman of the Islamic party killed last November while he was heading back from Falluja after an election campaign there and again till now, his killer is unknown.

In Ba’quba, Sa’ad Al-Timimi was busy last Friday arranging for his wedding ceremony with his two brothers and other members of the family and part of the ceremony was to bring the bride who lives in Al-Muqdadiyia town, only 30 minutes far of Ba’quba.

In the way to the bride’s house, the three brothers kidnapped by eight gunmen who blocked the way in front of the groom’s car and took him to unknown place.

The next day, Sa’ad body found decapitated and left on the trash with his two brothers bodies who received many shots in their heads.

Till now the family can not understand why these three brothers killed and why Sa’ad head is cut?

I contacted a driver I know to pick up a friend’s family from their home to Baghdad airport, leaving the country for good as most of the Iraqi families are doing on these days and because no driver accepts to go to the airport only if he works with a company belongs to the Iraqi airways for the great risk surrounded the road to the airport, I contacted Muhammed and told him

I need you to pick up a family tomorrow to the airport.

Sure,Where do they live?

In Ameriyia neighbourhood.

Are you serious? who dares to go there, we have a warning that we will be cut in pieces as well as families with us if we step on Ameriyia.

Ok, can you pick them up from Adhamiyia?

This is worse, do you want me to die. Did you hear of the three men who were killed just because they were Tennis players and wear short pants, What about a person works at the airport, sorry I can’t!!!!!!
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