Friday, November 10, 2006

Dear Hala

Dear reader

I got a message from Hala in which she expressed her anger about my latest post, thinking that Iam against Shiite and in support of Sunni and so on.

Iam sorry, I have to say you really missed the point, in this post I wanted to show, how the different Iraqis react to the US presence of Iraq and not to say this sect is right or this sect is wrong because each one of them has his on opinion which I respect.

Also would like to confirm that all the people I mentioned in the post are live examples they are not from my imaginary and if you feel shame of their opinions, they do not feel the same and so do I because I believe that we have to listen to everybody and not to be stupid to think that the only right thing is what I believe in and what other people believe in is always wrong, this is absoultly stupid.

if you have read the post carefully, you will see that every person was explaining his point of view and they love their country but in their own way and they have the right to share the waelth of Iraq like other Iraqi sects not to be restricted with a specific sect because they are all Iraqis, which is fair.

I have never meant to imply that Iraqi Shiite are no patriotic or they do not love their country, in the contrary, I can assure you that there are Shiite people resisting the occupation and more patriotic than the other Iraqis.

Mithal Al-Allousi, himself, he is Sunni, not Shiite but again this man exists and he is in the parliment and there are people, Sunni and Shiite who support him and there is nothing wrong with that, the man has lost two of his young sons for principles he believes in, Iam not bring information from another planet, dear Hala.

I always look in one eyes to all the Iraqi, something only few Iraqis do because it is very difficult not to be driven by your sect, but when you will be a journalist, you will discover that this is the only way to report, is to look to people with one eye and to respect what they tell you because as I said before what I believe in must not be a constitution that everybody must believe in but in fact sometimes when you listen to the others they impress you and might convince you to change some of your ideas towards few things.

If you have read my posts carefully, you can read many stories in which I tell stories about different Iraqis, Sunni, Shiite and Kurds and christains and about me too.

I accept your reactions because you are in Britain and because you are not a journalist to have the chance to be close to people.

Did you read my post about the Shiite lady who is a wife of a national gurad and how she was kidnapped and raped by unknown men because her husband used to torture the Sunni prisoners and she was certain that they were Sunni who raped her, something absolutly unacceptable and shameful, because she has nothing to do with her husband practices and this is not our behaviour.

Do you think, I want to say that Sunni are prophets and other Iraqi people are sinners, this is abosulty wrong, good and bad people exist among all sects and I will tell the truth about everybody even about myself.

All what I said in my latest post if you are in Iraq, you would find it very natural because it is a fact and truth, Shiite believe that it is not the high time to resist the occupier because the Iraqis already suffered alot of three wars and because Shiite believe in peaceful resistance and I think there is nothing wrong in that, all the world know that there are so many kinds of resistance and one of them is a peaceful one and the best example is Ghandi who resist the British occupation and liberated his country without fight and this ideology is respected all over the world and even became a source of inspiration for alot of them.

This is our people and I love them all but still when you write you have to tell the truth and not to write in a way that your people are ideal, they are humanbeings, they think, they react and they have their own way of life which we all have to admit.

Please, do not put words in my mouth or explain my post according to your view or feeling which I highly respect but these are facts, the same way when you have a Sunni man even if he is not Iraqi but still he is Sunni who would go to blow up himself among Shiite peopel thinking he is doing Jihad, do you think I justify that and agree this is Jihad, this is absoulty has nothing to do with Jihad and Islam, I have always avoid explaining my opinion about things but leave people to talk about what they think of because for me I like to listen to everybody.

I have always wanted the Iraqis to be left alone by all their sects to solve their problems because Iam sure they will not kill each other because they love each other.

And won't tell you to which sect I belong to because I am simply Iraqi and love all Iraqis.

Sorry if I have hurt your feeling, really did not mean that but please read all my previous posts, you will see I tell the stories as they exist even if someone is critizing me.

I do not find it shameful or non-patriotic to follow the Marjiyia, in fact it had good aspect which is the unification and if all the Iraqis sects were unified under their marjiyia, Iraq's problem would be solved since a long time, because all the Marjiyia would sit together and settled their differences and finished all Iraq problems, it is much better than having 100 factions, each one of them believe in something and if they disagree about something even if they are from the same sect, they would fight each other.


Blogger Fade said...

A powerful post. It must be hard, to not fall prey to the temptation to join one side or the other, if nothing else- just to be strengthened by allying yourself thusly.

I hope that America can leave soon as Iraqis can focus on Being ONE people and not fractioning themselves further.

8:28 AM  
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