Monday, November 06, 2006

Iam Not Happy

Today I had to make some interviews with some Iraqis to see what is their reaction regarding the hang verdict against Saddam Hussein.

I really came close a strange situation but it has a lot of meaning, the man was telling me that he should be happy because his father whose a Sunni man conspired against Saddam in 1992 with some other men from Tikrit but unfortunately the coup was discovered by Saddam at that time and he ordered their execution including his father.

The man said, “ Iam not happy because my father wanted to kill Saddam and when Saddam discovered that, it was natural that he did the same, otherwise he would be killed my father.”

He went on to say but after the topple of Saddam and the instalment of a new government who claims to be in opposition of Saddam, we thought our family would be rewarded as it had sustained a big damage because of my father, in the contrary, my eldest brother house was cordoned by the vehicle of the ministry of Interior and its men whom we thought they came in an official motorcade to take the family to the new government to compensate it, they kidnapped my brother who is 36 yr and after 24 hour we found his body dumped in the trash.

Since that time, I with my family and his family are moving from one place to another in fear of death squads, and you want me to be happy?!!!

I talked with an old man who lost his only son for being member of Dawa party and asked him how does he feel about the verdict?

The man answered “ I was waiting for the day when Saddam will be toppled and Dawa party will install the ruling in Iraq so that they will give me the right of my son who died for the party, but I’ve been waiting since a long time no one came to knock at my door and ask me what do I need with my wife and my three daughters?

After the campaign of looting that ravaged Baghdad after the toppling of Saddam, Shiite clerics issued Fatwa calling upon looters to bring back the things they looted to the Husseinis and the clerics will see how they will deal with it?

I have a friend who is a cleric too and was in charge of one of the Husseinis close to my house, his Husseini was one of the places people began to bring back the looted stuff to it.

I thought I should go and ask the help of my friend, he knows how poor I am and honestly I even did not have food in my house.

I went to my friend’s Husseini and was surprised about the different materials that was inside, in a way it was congested with food and furniture and everything, a matter which encouraged me to ask my friend if he can give me some stuff.

My friend told me that it was a great pleasure for him to help and looked around the place thinking of what to give me, then, he shouted I found it, he went to one of the corners where were ten of wooden sticks and pick up one and came running to me, “ Take this stick, you need it when you walk.”

The old man said that it was a great disappointment for him as he did not need a stick but he needed food and kept wondering where all these materials disappeared.

He said, “ I began to envy the people who were considered as martyrs in time of Saddam, at least, he used to grant them permanent salary, car and piece of land and a salary for their parents, what did Dawa party give me for my son? only car bombs and IEDS.


Blogger SuperCape said...

Check out this video, probably the funniest I've seen that makes fun of "The American" superhero mentality.

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