Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some Iraqis

When I talk with some Iraqis who want you see the white black and the black white just because they believe in that, other people have to do the same and cancel their thinking and put off all their senses so that they can grasp what these people are saying.

For example when you say, the Iraqi government is not good and it is better for its members to step down because they can't improve the security in the country, they will tell you,” No, the Iraqi government is good but it is these terrorists, Ba’athists and Sunnis who want to foil this government just because they lost their position with the toppling of Saddam.”

I said," I agree with you, but can you tell me, what kind of a government is this if it is, at least, can not make the capital where the governments exists safe." may be it is difficult for the government to control the east and the south and the out skirts of Baghdad but what about the heart of Baghdad?

For a year and a half now, everybody in Baghdad is talking about the death squads and the families of the victims are talking about the abductors who prove to be from Bader brigade and Mahdi army and wear the uniforms of the ministry of Interior and are allowed to move in the time of the curfew, but when you tell these people about these facts, they said,” this is not right, they even do not exist and if they are real, they are doing well to protect us of terrorists, why they do not coem to Shiite families?”

For a year and a half and with hundreds proofs from Iraqis and Americans, still the Iraqi government can’t decide whether these militias exist or not and even if they exist,talk here and there that the government will do nothing about that because these militias are supported by the government members themselves.

So, what can the individual Iraqi do, who does not work for any political party but just want to live? Where shall he go? Go to Syria or Jordan, he needs a lot of money and has to find a work where the Jordanians and Syrians themselves are desperate for, and you can feel how the Jordanian national is upset of the situation in Jordan because the Iraqi are buying houses and flats there and prices are up sharply, in a way, a Jordanian family can not buy a meter now.

But, it is really killing me, why should the Iraqi leave his country while he has this huge country? Why should he be an emigrant just because this useless government can survive?

In all world countries, if you want to buy a house you pay money except in Iraq you have to pay your blood.

Clashes broke out again between Mahdi army in Abu Saifain neighbourhood and Al-Fadhil in Baghdad which is inhabited by Sunni families, bodies are scattered everywhere in the heart of Baghdad and neither the ministry of Interior nor the ministry of Defence dare to stop that, simply because Mahdi army work for the government, while the civilian have no one to protect them just because they are Sunni and they do not deserve to live and simply because all of them are terrorists as other people say.

When you say, where is the money allocated for reconstruction and why we can’t see any reconstruction? They will say, "the government really want to work but these Sunni terrorists, they do not let it do that." I say, ok, I agree with you, but what about the south? It is dominated by Shiite, no Sunni terrorists exist there,so, why the government did not put a brick there? did not find chances of work for these Iraqis who live in the southern provinces? and whenever they have a chance they demonstrate against the terrible living situations they are passing through and for three years of the liberation, they did not see any improvement."

I was talking with a woman whom her son was executed because he was in Da’wa party and her husband can’t be found since 1991, he was a member in the up rising in the south, as he was dreaming of Islamic state, the woman who lives in Hilla and she is Shiite said the Shiite demonstrators were shouting in the up rising, “ We do not want Saddami ruling we want Islamic ruling.” But later on he was captured by the security forces and she could find even his body and her other son was able to ran to the Saudi camp and stay there for five years, then went to the US.

The woman was complaining that she was happy when Da’wa party installed the power in Iraq, thinking that she would be remembered by the party for the scarifies her son and husband do and she, as a mother, and may be a representative of the party would come to ask about her, but she is really disappointed that her son and husband have been forgotten and now she only gets the salary for her martyred son in the Iraqi-Iranian war, though there is an attempt to cut it because parties who are allies to Iran,think that these Iraqi martyrs,their families do not deserve to be paid as they were fighting the Islamic republic of Iran so, tehy were traitors.
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