Saturday, June 17, 2006

It Is A Hell

I have written this page five times and erased it, each time I start with a new story but then I feel that I should begin with another, I was writing and erasing all the time.

I found it really difficult to choose a piece of news and start with because they are so many, I do not know if I start with this piece of news I got at 9,30 am from Ba’quba by telephone.

A mother with her four kids killed at 8 am Friday in Al-Tahrier district in Ba’quba when a mortar fell on her house and wounded the father with other three kids.

The simplest interpretation for this piece of news that in Iraq even the common belief, home means safety to the human being does not exist in Iraq, you could be killed even if you are at home.

At 2 am yesterday I received a phone call from a journalist telling me a breaking news of two US soldiers taken as prisoners south west of Yousifiyia, I was really sleepy but I had to contact Yousifiyia to see what has happened.

The town was quiet because the incident took place at the desert road that links Yousifiyia with Ameriyat Al-Falluja, Musaib, Karbala and borders with Saudi Arabia.

I had told you about that road how people in Yousifiyia avoid it for being very risky, they take it only if the US forces blocked the high way.

The story of the three Janabi killed in the minibus I wrote before happened in this road, people there, say, that all of a sudden a group of guys with black suits will form a check points and begin to select and kill people.

I do not know what will happen after the kidnapping of these two US soldiers, it is a new development in the conflict here but only God knows what will happen.

After all of that I went back to sleep again, the breeze was so nice but soon gun fires broke out, the shooting was over the roof between the national guards who were at the main roads and some guys were shooting against them but could not figure from which side, the gunfire lasted for quarter of an hour, it was really hot engagement but I insisted to stay on the roof and go back again to sleep.

I wanted to write about Iraqi police prisons scandal discovered in Ba’quba, “ Ubaid” tribal leader was on TV reading a statement on behalf of his tribe which is one of the biggest Sunni tribe in Iraq, in which he confirmed that seven women have been raped by the police inside the prison after being kidnapped by the police itself as well as a number of men from the same tribe, the leader was warning if the government won’t take any position toward this shameful act, the tribe will adopt its own producers.

The scandal unveiled when MP Muhammed Al-Daini, representative of Diyla province to the National Assembly visited Ba’quba prison with a human rights committee and found all kinds of atrocities committed there even pictures were shown on TV for the torture of the prisoners.

Few hours after the exposure of this shameful scandal committed by the new Iraqi police, a breaking news appeared on TV saying that ten men were killed in Ba’quba by unknown gunmen, I contacted Ba’quba to verify the news, the ten men were relatives to the MP Muhammed, all of them are Sunni and they were killed because their cousin disclosed this scandal.

I wanted to write about Dr.Yousif Al-Hassan, 35, a professor in the Arabic language who was shot dead yesterday while he was heading to the mosque in Basra province, again his accusation is that he is Sunni, I have met this man so many times, he is great and his death is a big loss to be added to the endless losses of Iraq.

More than 300 Iraqi professors in different kinds of specialization killed in Iraq just because of Bush war against terror, the entire Iraqi people should die for the sake of this filthy war, why Iraq is chosen to be the battlefield for the war against terror? And why the Iraqis have to pay the price of New York attacks though none of the defendants was Iraqi?!!!!!!!!

Basra itself is a big story, the ethnic cleansing there against Sunni is beyond any imagination, Shiite militias supported by Iranian Mukhabart are turning the city to a hell, while the Iraqi police and British troops only watching. Why we have British troops in Basra while all kinds of crimes are committed there, I do not know.

I wanted to write about lawyer Khalid Zuba’ who was shot dead in Shua’la the day before yesterday just because he is from this Sunni tribe, one of the sheikhs of Zuba’tribe was standing near Khalid grave vowing him that his blood won’t go in vain and the tribe will not rest only after taken its reprisal of his killers.


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Blogger Beate said...

You wanted to write, and you did. Thank you.

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Clutch should understand that whilst the American people (and even the NeoCons) did not invade Iraq for revenge, it is possible that Bush did. He is simple minded, hot headed and easily led. One of the ways the NeoCons could most easily persuaded him would have been by presenting it as an opportunity to take revenge.

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