Thursday, June 15, 2006

It Is Our Body

After the catastrophe of “ Al-Aima” bridge last August, more than 600 person died on the bridge which links Adhamiyia and Kadhimiyia districts, most of them were Shiite, the government declared that it will compensate families of the victims.

At the forensic department, a big quarrel broke out when a family of one of the victim found that the body of their mother who fell in the river from the bridge was nearly to be taken by another guys who claimed that the body belong to them, they were putting her coffin on the car to runaway with it, but the real family arrived and presented documents proved that the woman belongs to them and the other guys were looters.

I read recently that the government would grant families of the bridge $19,000 for each body and a piece of land after granting them three million ID before, but the piece of the news added that according to Forensic department there are 25 body still missing but for the surprise of the department, it received applications of 400 family who claim that they have missing just for the sake of compensations!!!!!!

It would be a better step if the government compensates all kinds of victims’ families in Iraq not only “ Aima” bridge, victims of death squads, unknown bodies found everyday in Baghdad and victims of car bombs and IEDS, because all of them are Iraqis and have families.

Yesterday, clashes erupted in Adhamiyia neighborhood with the first day Baghdad security plan implemented, Fuad Salim, 44, and his two young nephews with their mother, decided to return to their home in Tarmiyia town, west of Baghdad though they left it for the bad security situation there. They were worried that the situation might escalate and the neighborhood would be besieged and their relatives can not reach them.

In the way to Tarmiyia town, by mistake the uncle passed by a Shiite tribe near Taji called “Timiama”, some tribes men showed up and began to checked the three men IDs and found they are from Tarmiyia which means they are Sunnis, they told the mother she can go and they took the three men.

The mother went shouting and looking everywhere for police to help her sons and their uncle, when the police came there, they were confronted by that tripe and armed clashes broke out between the police and the tribe men, after a short engagement the police was able to control the situation and demanded the submission of three Sunni men.

The tribe yielded to the orders and brought the three men but after granted each one of them a bullet in his head.


Blogger emma said...

And what happened to the men who shot them ? Were they arrested? Let go? What?

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What?! how could they do that? will all these Sectarianism ever stop?!

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thank you for this tragic and comic story
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