Monday, June 12, 2006

Life After Zerqawi

People in Hibhib village, Ba’quba town are fleeing their homes in fear of retaliation after the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Al-Zerqawi last Thursday.

US forces are searching the village house by house looking for Zerqawi followers, detention is underway in the neighboring villages as well as Latifiyia and Yousifiyia.

Loyalists of Zerqawi might soon resume a campaign of revenge for the killing of their leader, so the people there do not know what to do but only to leave.

Since the killing of Zerqawi till today, a medical source at the forensic department in Ba’quba said “28 person have been killed, 20 of them are Shiite and the other eight are Sunni.”

Among the 28, a Shiite tea man shot dead because he distributed free tea among people in Ba’quba out of his happiness for the killing of Zerqawi, a Sunni barber killed for offering to give people free haircut for the same reason, another Sunni grocer sold his vegetable and fruit freely to his costumers received a bullet in his head, in addition to another Sunni who used to sell yogurt in Ba’quba local market.

Three Shiite brothers, a butcher, grocer and third has a shop for female accessories and perfumes were killed in Hay Al-Mafreq in Baquba again for their happiness of Zerqawi killing.

Before Zerqawi killing, Shiite in some places in Ba’quba were receiving threats to leave the town, now, according to Ahmed Sami Al-Tai, a student at the college of Sport in Ba’quba, these threats are in public and for all Shiite in Diyala, he told me that while he was reading a piece of paper he found at the front door of his house today addressing Shiite as being traitors, stooges to the Americas and helped in the killing of Zerqawi.

Two young men asked a blacksmith in Ba’quba to fix their electrical saw, when the blacksmith opened its parts, he found small pieces of bones inside, the man did not wait long to contact the police and tell them about his suspensions.

The next day when the two men supposed to come and collect their saw, policemen in civil uniform were waiting for them.

After few hours of investigation, the two men confessed that they are part of a gang funded by an ex Shiite governor for Diyala whom his brother killed by gunmen few months ago and a car bomb ripped his funeral the second day to kill more friends and relatives.

Ten heads for Sunni men found in Ba’quba lately, a police source said they believe that this gang is behind their killing in revenge for the Shiite victims.

In Shahraban, another town in Diyala, Commandos of the Ministry of Interior raided the town yesterday at 9 pm, they were in three police cars, all were Shiite and soon indulged in houses checking and provocative language against Sunnis in the town.

Clashes broke out, eight commandos killed and their three cars kidnapped, I heard another policeman conveying this piece of news by telephone to the policeman I was talking with him today.


Blogger Romerican said...

Where's a solution begin?

7:10 AM  
Blogger Fatima said...

Hey Ishtar,
didn't you have a post about the Ministry of Health becoming a Sadrist dominated ministry? If so, can you give me the link to that blog? Thanks.

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