Saturday, June 03, 2006

Liberation Or Occupation

The first morning after the fall of Baghdad, US soldiers began to strangle Baghdad hotels, buildings and streets with barbed wires, these wires I have never seen before but the moment my eyes fell on them I knew that Iraq is gong to be a second Palestine and Baghdad another Al-Quds.

I have seen Palestinians standing behind barbed wires on TV, but Palestine is occupied by the Israelis and we are liberated by the US invasion as the US administration claims, soon the answer came but it was behind a long concrete wall whispering, you have to guess whether it is a liberation or an occupation.

I went down to the streets and saw people busy looting whatever their hands can reach, I stopped near a crowd who was trying to break an iron gate for a bank in Sa’doun street in Baghdad, but it was so solid, in a way all their efforts were unsuccessful, few US soldiers were watching and soon one of the US soldier who was driving a lorry, offered to help.

He turned his lorry and began to beat the iron gate of the bank with the back of his lorry till he broke it, people greeted him with shouts and applauses, and went running inside the bank, men and women.

After few minutes screams and gun fires heard and people came running out, what is the matter? The first person who reached the safe raised his gun and promised to kill any person come close because it is his safe, he was the first to touch it and the only to get it.

A medical team works with the US army arrived to Palestine hotel, the doctor who was an officer in the US army asked me to work with them as a translator with huge salary, I looked at him and said “ Thanks a lot for your confidence in me but Iam sorry, I can’t work with you.”

Why? He inquired, I told him,” you want the truth, whenever I look at you I remember all the Iraqis the US army killed along its way to Baghdad and feel so sorry for them.”

I had the chance to go to the palace in Karada with three foreign journalist, it was empty and scary, few US soldiers were there, one of them brought the so called “ Humvee” to take us inside.

Then when we reached the gate, a US officer introduced himself to us that he would be our guide to the palace, I really felt so sad, “this US officer will show me the palace, I am the Iraqi, it is my palace not his.” But I had to complete the tour.

We went inside where we saw a huge hall full of beautiful chairs and tables, Saddam used to receive his visitors in. The US officer turned to me and said “ You see how was he( Saddam) living and how you were suffering? I did not answer him.

We went to the bed rooms, the furniture were white and ornamented with red flowers , even some dresses were still inside the cupboard, very beautiful bed rooms, the US officer turned to me and said “ see how beautiful they are, see where he used to sleep while you were suffering because of the embargo? I did not answer him.

There was a reception with red sofas and golden wood, very luxurious, the three journalists sat on them and asked me to do the same I refused, I preferred to stand, the reception overlooked a big garden full of different types of trees, the US officer again turned to me and said “ you see were he sits while you do not have money to eat?” I did not answer him.

He opened the door to a big balcony to show us the garden, he turned to me and said” you see what he eats and how he lives while you can not find an infant formula for your babies?” I did not answer.

The US officer began to feel upset and fed up of my mute reaction and said to me in anger “ For God sake can you speak a word, can you tell me anything, can you say to me that Iam(he) an idiot, Iam son of bitch.” I did not answer him.

At that moment, he felt shy of himself and looked at me” Iam sorry, I know I have offended you but I do not mean it.” I did not answer him.

One of the US journalist who was with me, she told the US officer“ This is an occupation, this is not a liberation.”


Blogger Rubin said...

If i were you I would apply to the Iraqi ministry of Whine, guaranteed bright future for you there.

9:24 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

No shit, go back and crawl into the hole you came from. Nobody wants to hear your ant-American rants.

3:47 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

No shit, go back and crawl into the hole you came from. Nobody wants to hear your ant-American rants.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Mr. K said...

I agree with the sentiments above. No doubt, there are plenty of reasons for you to resent america and americans. But the fact is, the sooner the Iraqi people take charge of their own destiny, the sooner american forces will leave.

But what you demonstrate with this post is what I have come to realize generally applies to all arabs. You do not crave or value freedom. You have been opressed by one dictator after another, Saddam, whatever king or tyrant the Brits installed, the turks, and the caliphs dating back to the time of Mohamed.

And keep this in mind: the lions share of violence is due to your own inability to get along. Shia kill Sunni, vice versa. But this is nothing new, nor is it confined to Iraq.

But you have a glimmer of opportunity to have a new free society, and all you can manage to do, is pout.

I am convinced that arabs are their own worst enemy. You take no responsibility whatsoever for your own destiny, or your own plight. Everything is someone else's fault, usually those damn jooooos, or us infidel americans.

5:28 PM  
Blogger An Italian. said...

Dear Ishtar,

do not mind the four American warmongers who left their inane gibbering and jabbering (more fitting to apes and monkeys - like they are - than to human beings) here.

By now such animals represent a minority, even in the US.

The whole world is against the beastly invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Such characters are just brainless critters, blind and in denial.

Don't be impressed by their impotent rage, and keep blogging!

8:39 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Oh god, not this douche bag again. You my friend need to get a life. I see your out of touch comments all over these so called “Iraqi” blogs. Time to move out of mama’s basement, there is a life beyond the keyboard.

11:31 PM  
Blogger Anglachel said...


Yes, it is an occupation.

I cannot understand the sick minds of those who will not accept that Iraqis should despise those who have invaded their nation. Why should you approve of people or states who kill your countrymen, destroy your cities and towns, plunge your society into anarchy, and funnel your nation's wealth into private coffers? You owe them nothing, not even a word, and they are insane to think otherwise.


12:17 AM  
Blogger Mr. K said...

Of course the Italian and angalwhatever are spot on. I don't know what I was thinking; I have changed my position. Mesopotamia was a haven of freedom until the white man/imperialist/capitalist pig-monkey-infidel-jew lover came along and ruined it all.

Go back to your righteous indignation. Sorry for the disturbance!

3:46 AM  
Blogger mike said...


Thank you for sharing your insights. The comments are a fascinating example of the human problems we all face. I can understand and empathize with your feelings. I can also understand the feelings of the unhappy Americans who are so angry. Tragically, they might remain angry all their lives. I see tragedy on both sides.

Please keep posting and do not take angry comments personally. They are not angry with you. They feel anger and tragicaly you are caught in the crossfire.


6:17 AM  
Blogger Mr. K said...

Mike is right. I am angry because we are risking the lives of some of our finest young people and spending our nation's treasure to attempt to bring freedom to a feckless people.

9:14 AM  
Blogger mary said...

Who are they to decide that "no-one wants to hear your anti-american rants"?

I don't see you as anti-american, just someone telling what is happening in his country. Well if the cap fits wear it is a saying over here.

How else are you supposed to portray what is happening? To the pro-war mongers - this is real life. As it is happening. From someone who actually lives in Iraq and can tell the truth.

Not paint it up all good and sweet like the mickey mouse news reports we are supposed to believe in the west.

3:58 AM  
Blogger BP said...

I supported the Iraq war because I saw how thge majority of Iraqis were glad he was gone. However, I changed my mind. Everyday is another proof that only Saddam can rule Iraq.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Boris said...

i agree with "An Italian" and "Anglachel". don't listen to these heartless monsters who disrespect you, your country, and your blog. there's a saying that i think applies to them: "the truth hurts".

keep the information flowing Ishtar!


4:27 PM  
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