Saturday, June 10, 2006

Animals Programs

Before 2003, animals programs were most favorible for Iraqis, they were so amazed of the western cameramen' skill in chasing and shooting different kinds of animals, something Iraqi cameramen never do. The question that was looming all the time was, why can’t we produce such kinds of interesting programs like westerners especially clips of lions or tigers jumping on their prey always deer or zebra and cut it in ten pieces.

I have never thought I would see such kinds of program in reality here in Iraq only when the US war against Iraq started, I felt the team of the animals programs moved to Iraq to produce all kinds of animals fight and hostile activities though we do not have same American or African environment but the team knew that soon Iraq would be the best environment for such kinds of programs and the most vulnerable prey for the lions , tigers and even dogs.

While the Iraqi elected government busy fighting on the security posts to provide Iraqis with peace and safety they luck for three years now, the Iraqi government forgot to buy a good generator for Diyala hospital and helped in killing 15 pre mature babies in their incubators due to the continuous cut in power.

The miserable situation reached by the ministry of Health in Iraq is beyond any imagination in a way people who have bodies at the forensic department they can’t go to collect them as they will be either kidnapped or killed being relatives to one of these tens scattered bodies found in Baghdad every day.

This is not only in Baghdad but in Basra too, ten persons ended in the hospital after being shot before the forensic department and their crime was they went to get bodies for their relatives!!!!!!!!!

Near Canal street in Baghdad, 15 person out of 50 kidnapped by the commandos of the ministry of Interior at 10 am in Salihiyia neighborhood in Baghdad nears the ministry of Justice were found roaming in the street after being tortured and beaten severely for reasons till now they do not know about while the ministry of Interior is fighting with the ministry of Defense who accusing the first of being ruled by Bader and Sader militias and directed by the Iranian intelligence.

US forces opened fire on a family of ten members in “ Al-Sada” district in Ba’quba to kill the father, mother, son whose 18 and two year baby and wound other six after leveling their house at 5 am in the morning.

The family were sleeping on the roof and the reason is very oblivious, no power, at 4 am the US patrols began in the neighborhood, the father raised his head to see what is going on, the US sniper did not give him the chance to do that and shot him in his front head.

When the son came to see what is going on he himself shot too, the family did not need to wait so long to understand what was going on as their house was devastated by the US forces on their heads.

A professor at Basra university received a threat to leave the town within three hours or he would be killed because he is Sunni, he told me “ On these days I vent all my wrath on ants we call them Persian “ Iranian” in Iraq, I smash them with my shoes because I know all the troubles we have in Basra is because of the Iranians and their followers and simply because I can’t kill a human being.”


Blogger Doubting Thomas said...

Isn't the health ministry run by the Mahdi Army? They always have money for more rocket-propelled grenades, so why can't they buy a generator for the hospital?

5:08 PM  
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