Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saddam I Lost My Three Sons

In April 7, 2003, I went with two foreign journalists to Al-Kindi hospital in Baghdad to cover one of the faces of the US led war against Iraq for reasons till now the US administration could not prove their reliability.

The weather was cloudy and gloomy, the whole atmosphere in the hospital was grim, covered with fear and sorrow, bombs and mortars were falling here and there convulsing the hospital momentarily.

We went inside the emergency room, it was like a butcher shop overwhelmed with the smell of blood, bleeding bodies were everywhere, on beds, stretches and the ground.

Relatives of the causalities were busy between the wounded and the dead, crying, moaning and beating themselves.

We found ourselves out as there was no space for us among that bloody hell, we stood at the main gate of the hospital though it was risky as shooting was over our heads but I lost any sense of fear at that moment as I was watching crazy things were going on inside the hospital.

Ambulances and private cars were loaded with different kinds of people, men, women, young and old, the bodies were oozing blood and laid on each other as there was neither time nor space to think about their right positions.

A young lady was sitting beside the wall of the emergency room crying her young brother “ Hayder” whom her mother sent to bring her from her house with her kids to come and stay with them as the war was getting tougher and they need to be together but he was shot dead while he was heading to her house by the US army who was creeping on the capital and spraying fires on people.

“ Hayder, my dear brother, I wish it was me who killed not you.” She was moaning with that sentence all the time.

Then, an ambulance came very fast, the driver jumped quickly out of it shouting for help. He opened the door for a woman who was beating herself inside and calling upon her three kids who were inside.

I went close to the ambulance to see what is inside, I saw three boys in white dishdash sleeping in the ambulance like doves but all of them were bleeding from their mouths and their cloths were full of blood, they were 8, 6, 4 year, all were brothers.

The mother jumped out of the car shouting “ Saddam, I lost my three sons.” While she was tearing her hair.

We could hardly speak with her but she said “ They were playing at the front door of the house when the US tanks were sweeping in Dura neighborhood in Baghdad and shot the three of them.”

I recalled this crime which I can not forget among tens of crimes I had seen during my coverage to the war of 2003 till now committed by the US army, I recalled it as the US congress is investigating Haditha massacre, a good step to shed light on the atrocities perpetuated by the US soldiers in Iraq.

But it would be better, if the congress begins an investigation for the US army crimes committed against the Iraqis since 1991 till now.

And, if the congress really wants to be fair with the Iraqi people, it should open an investigation for the sectarian war ignited by US in Iraq due to its deadly committed mistakes in Iraq because sectarian war crimes are exceeding all kinds of massacres now, they reached yesterday the level of decapitating not only killing with drills.

Heads for eight persons were in their way to donate blood for their Sunni cousin wounded in a car bomb few days ago found in trash with pieces of papers their names written on. Can the US congress help in stopping these massacres which will maintain all the Iraqis while the entire world is watching silently?


Blogger Mr. K said...

war crimes since 1991? Now I get it: you are a Sadammite (sodomite) and no doubt the son of a camel humping whore.

Iraq invaded Kuwait, asshole.

3:36 PM  
Blogger mike said...

Why is there a need for personal insults, Mr K? Is this how you behave with everyone you disagree with?

There is a saying: choose your enemies carefully, because you become like them.

6:45 PM  
Blogger gosilent said...

This story is so tragic. Hopefully, when we elect a new President, in 2008, he will know what to do about this war. If we are lucky, the Democrats will win a majority in 2006 and America can become again the good nation we American people remember from the past.

mr. k (above in the comments) is an idiot. If he was trying to make a point, he blew it by his bad manners and rude language.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Rubin said...

Iraqi Screed!! LOL!

Every Iraqi that wastes even a precious second thinking that each despicable atrocity committed by the homicidal Shia shit-bags and/or the scum-sucking Sunni terrorists are somehow linked to American malfeasance-- is sealing their own families fate to a terrible backward destiny and fate.

Each and every Iraq should band together with their closest neighbors and spend every spare second securing their own street and developing a positive relationship with the New Govt. and the Coalition.

CLUE, BUT NOT TO YOU Iraqi Screed:

The historical post-war Japanese and German example is as near a perfect model for progress as there is, so for Christ's sake conduct yourselves accordingly if you want to success.

8:18 PM  
Blogger SUEB0B said...

Ishtar - I send you a hand of friendship. Thank you for your blog. I think it important for the world to hear what real Iraqis have to say.

I pray for peace for everyone.

9:04 PM  
Blogger The Wicker Man said...

Ishtar the world indeed watches silently,complicitly,as Iraq dies.
Have strength and unite against the Amerikan and John Bull, who seek to divide you and destroy you.
Peace be unto you.

9:47 PM  
Blogger mary said...

these stories are so sad. especially hearing of what is happening to the children, all i can do is sit here and cry. That makes me feel so weak. I wish more could be done to stop all this. War is wrong, countries should stop picking on each other. how many lives have to be destroyed before it stops? You are a really good writer, maybe one day you could get your writing published in a book, it will be read for many years to come. Stay safe.

3:43 AM  
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