Saturday, June 10, 2006

Zerqawi Is Killed

It seems that the Iraqis learned from the previous events passed by Iraq after 2003 war, not to react directly after hearing any big news even if it is the killing of Zerqawi.

People are more aware now than before that the killing of one person does not mean the end of their countless problems, does not mean, they can go to their work safely, their kids can go to school without the fear of kidnapping, their young sons won’t be detained and tortured just because they are Sunni, their sons and daughters won’t be shot dead just because they are Sunni or Shiite.

The endless list of problems won’t be nullified with the departure of Zerqawi, he was one partner in a big game, and in fact the US administration did not give the Iraqis the chance to breathe, after few hours, it declared that Abu Al-Masri will succeed Zerqawi and warned of more drastic attacks.

I asked an Iraqi journalist who lives in Ramadi province about the echo of this news among people there, he said “ I won’t comment but will tell you about the situation here.”

How? I asked him

“ People in Al-Qaim which is a border town, most of them are shepherds and have tens of sheep and goats, lately, they received an order that they should make their goats wear pants or they would be punished because of the indecent shape for the bottom of the goat. People there were in dilemma about what to do with their goats because the idea of making them wearing pants is unpractical and to get rid of them is unpractical too as they get milk out of them.”

So what did they do?

“ The shepherds there were left with two options either they slaughter their goats and have them at their meals or not to buy or possess any more in fear of punishment.” He added.

Female students in Al-Anbar university were ordered to cover their faces completely and if they have a driver for their transportation, he should wear dishdash “ an Arab uniform” not shirt and trouser, otherwise they will be punished according to Sharia’t law.

Even common Shiite in Iraq whom Zerqawi launched feverish attacks against them received the news of his killing tepidly stemming from the same belief things won’t change and if Zerqawi gone, tens like him will come.
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