Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Iraqi National Products

I told you before that we have reached a new stage in our sectarian war, the stage of decapitation, there is no doubt that soon we will jump to another advanced stage in which heads and body’s organs displayed in Baghdad’s shops as Iraqi national products.

I was talking with my friend yesterday, she told me “ Before I was so scared that I or my kids would be killed by a car bomb or an IED but now, I think these two styles of killing are more merciful than decapitating.”

Ten heads and decapitated body found yesterday in Dura district, southern Baghdad near “ Bilat Al-Shuha’da” primary school, I contacted a security official there to inquire, he said “ I can assure you, Dura is an independent state, there is no government there.” I asked him, “ How?”

” We were informed that ten heads with a decapitated body were found near that school but the medical teams were hesitant to come close in fear that they were trapped and might blew up on them, we asked the help of the US forces to check the situation.”

It was a great shock for the medical teams, he said when they came close to the decapitated body to check the belly which was full of stitches, when they found a head of a nine year kid inside, later on we found it is for the son of the Shiite victim.

A defense lawyer works at one of the criminal courts in Baghdad told me that within only a week they received 95 case of killing all of them were recorded under unknown murder.

Again in Dura, a bus with ten students whom their bad fate took them to a neighborhood there called “ Al-Mahdiyia”, a man suddenly jumped to the bus and after few minutes he descended to leave in a car waiting for him.

People who were around were surprised that the bus did not move and came to see what is the matter? All the students and the driver were shot dead but with a silencer gun that none of the people out could hear anything.

The security official said “ Now they are using silencers which mean, a person can come close to you kill you and runaway and no one recognize anything.”

“Tell me where to direct my attention, here or there, every five minutes I get a phone call for a new crime, and the biggest problem we have now is that our forces are powerless in front of these criminals who fight to die while our forces are fighting to live.” The man added.

In a coffee shop well known in Ba’ya district in Baghdad called “ Janabi”, four guys jumped out of a car and went inside the coffee shop to spray the people inside with fire, they killed one and wounded other three severely, all the victims were Sunni.

The security man was so upset that his forces were watching there but they did nothing to stop that crime as they were scared that they will have their share of killing too.


Blogger quixote said...

This is beyond awful. I can't say enough for your courage for reporting and for bearing witness.

Maybe some people think that the previous post, about being told what clothes to wear, is a minor matter, compared to this. To me, it looks like different faces of the same thing. Of the many stupid things the US has done in Iraq (I'm not talking about crimes, just the stupid things), the stupidest was thinking that women were expendable.

Letting violence and fanatics silence women is a crime against human rights, but also as a simple practical matter, it's just plain stupid. I know not all women are progressives, but that's the single largest bloc of progressive and non-violent voices in the country. That was all thrown away because none of the (almost all male) politicians cared very much, because it was more important to play religious factions against each other, and it's been nothing but down hill.

We can only hope that after these horrors, we start to climb out of this hell, but the signs are not hopeful. There don't seem to be many people speaking sense, and within Iraq the largest group of people who have the answer are having black cloths draped over them, as if they were birds being silenced.

(By the way, on a side issue, I haven't read through the recent comments, but I gather you've been getting some trolls. If not yet, you soon will. Any blog about the Middle East that attracts any attention soon has legions of these critters. Many Iraqi blogs wound up having to turn off comments. Some have moderated comments, which probably takes ungodly amounts of time to plough through all the useless ones. Whatever you do, though, _please don't stop posting_!)

12:33 PM  
Blogger Mr. K said...

quixote - your condescension is pretty typical. Someone who has an opposing view is a troll; the US somehow allows Iraqi women be silenced and treated as though they were expendable.

It is up to the Iraqi men to treat their women as human beings. The sad fact is that the newly elected government put language in the new consitution that would put women under sharia law...so on the one hand you criticize the US for the many stupid things it has done, but I suppose you would have it send troops into Iraqi parliament and make them change the constitution?

4:08 PM  
Blogger Marwan said...


Pragmatism: A practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems.

Spread the word; Iraqis cannot simply wait for Allah or John Wayne to rescue them from the current hell in Baghdad, They must act NOW themselves one family at a time.


A good start is always...what?

The family of course. The family is first.

Then over time..

Choose friends and neighbors carefully to join you so you can multiply resources and support for everyone with the basics...

look outs: observers
watches: 4hrs on 4hrs off
fuel for emergencies
designated drivers

>Then choose one person who goes shopping for food for the entire group.

>Then one that get gasoline for the group.


Then choose the best diplomat amongst the group to outreach to neighboring streets and neighborhoods.

Then choose the wisest and most practical person in the group to carefully approach the US and/or Coalition forces and develop a relationship with these people to replace the fear of their uniforms. AND then milk them for all the security and goodies that you can get!!

The do the same with the Iraqi Army and let common sense and intuition be your guide.

If only 50% of the residents in Baghdad pulled together like this they would be a force to reckon with and their lives would change for the better.

7:38 PM  
Blogger  said...







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