Monday, June 05, 2006

Hijab Is Not Enough

Female students in Al-Mustansiriyia university in Baghdad are in state of panic and fear after they heard the new order by Mahdi army which obliges them to wear Abayia ( black sheet covers the entire body) even if they wear hijab.

The order would be acceptable if it ends with that order but it is associated with a sever punishment for any female does not comply to, her face will be burned with acid and she is no more allowed to enter the university.

One of the professor in Economy at the university told me that yesterday voicing his resentment and faded patience to the terrible situation the universities in Iraq are sliding to due to the luck of decisive government.

In Kerbala, a Shiite province south west of Baghdad, an owner of female cloths displays his products on few dolls he puts at the front of his shop, like any shop of cloths all over the world.

But the situation in Iraq is different, the poor owner visited by Mahdi army representatives who ordered him to put hijab on the dolls in front of his shop, the man was so surprised because they are dolls not human beings.

“ even though, you should make them wear hijab, or you will regret it.” The representatives told him.

The next day, the owner got a second visit by the same guys, but at this time, they did not speak with him, they took all the dolls he has out of his shop and put fire in them and shut down his shop.

This is what a human rights activist in Kerbala told me, adding that walking on the streets there with a camera mobile is so risky there on these days because you might be stopped all of a sudden by some armed guys who will grab your mobile and begin to check if you have any picture for a female inside.

If by chance you have one, you will be referred to the Shri’at court and only God knows what will happen you.

I asked my friend who is a legal inspector if there are still leaflets warning women who do not wear hijab or drive cars and men wear short pants, he said “ No, we can not find any of them now and we did not record any fresh victim.”

Iasked him “ Why?”

He said “ because everybody committed to the order.”


Blogger dpmason said...

You sound like you need to be liberated.

Please keep writing, we need to know the truth about what is happening in Iraq.

Those who pushed for the war against your country, and your people, will be accusing you soon enough of "hating democracy". Don't listen to them.

Keep up the writing and keep yourself as safe as you can.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Romerican said...

Acid on their faces? I missed that quote in the Quran. What happened to the peaceful teachings? Will no one stand up?

7:12 AM  
Blogger جميل said...

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