Sunday, June 11, 2006

On The Roof

To escape heat at night backed by absence of power, I find myself obliged to sleep on the roof in hope the weather would be cooler and have some peaceful sleeping.

It is very foolish to sleep on the roof without bringing a net with you to stand in the face of waves of mosquitoes who storm the place without any mercy and insist to say hello to you and won’t leave without taking a sample of your free Iraqi blood.

Mosquitoes know how to find a passage through the net and keep biting all the time to wake you up every five minutes, in a way I decided to go down again, the bites were unbearable, but as soon as I put my head inside the house the heat pushed me out to the roof again.

I put a second net to stop mosquitoes infiltration and laid in bed, after half an hour, US helicopters turn started, they were so busy coming and going all the night in such a scary altitude and noisy sound, in a way sleeping was impossible.

The round lasted for an hour and a half, black and green helicopters, but all of a sudden the roof enlightened, thanks God the power came, so let me go inside, heading down I raised my head to look at the helicopters, I saw that they themselves were throwing flares cause light, it was not that damned power, so it is better to go back to bed and listen to the music of the US helicopters.

Since the killing of Zerqawi till now, the US forces are indulged in such a feverish campaign of raids against different areas in Iraq, killing, detaining and burning.

And it is really true as one of the men commented on the declaration of the Iraqi premier of releasing 2000 detainee that soon 4000 will be detain.

Al-Ghalibiyia, a village 15 minutes far of Hibhib village where Zerqawi killed, found itself a victim for a US show at 4 am at night, the US forces did not leave the village only after killing Abdul Hadi Hamza, 70, his son Hassan, 45, and his grand son Muhammed 17 after throwing grenades on their house.

Another house in the same village was stormed too and the father and the son killed for reasons they family till now do not know, but they know they lost them.

Dr. Ahmed Rifa’t Al-Mashhadani works at Ba’quba hospital and lives in the village with his family, his house is burned completely after being shot by the US tanks, Dr. Ahmed said “ Iam a doctor, I do not have a bullet in my house, the US forces did not even bother themselves to ask me, they attacked the house and cuffed our hands and laid us in bed, I, my wife and my two kids.”

Ahmed hardly could convince the US soldiers to let him speak as he speaks in English and freed himself.

The US forces were looking for Zerqawi followers, which means more troubles are waiting the Iraqis.

Salim Muhammed, one of the dweller in the village told me “ after an hour, another US force came to apologize for the rude behavior of its previous colleague, they feel sorry for the killing of these persons, offering compensations and repairing of the damage.”

40 person detained from two villages surrounded Hibhib, “ Shakhat Al-Imam and Shakhat Alsayed” under the same campaign of chasing Zerqawi followers.

In Latifiyia, which is a town part of Hilla province, US forces launched an airborne on a village there called “ Al-Thaltha”, from 12 to 4 am, soldiers deployed even on the roofs of the houses there according to Mua’taz Abdul Baqi who lives there, “ The soldiers were dropped from the helicopters by robes and were checking house by house looking for men to detain but they found only women and kids.”

When the US soldiers did not find any man, they went to a house of a person they were looking for and ordered the women and kids to get out to burn it completely and leave them under the sky.

I was thinking all the time of these reports while I was on the roof till the Husseini“ Shitte” mosque called for dawn prayers which means the end of the night, by the way, six Sunni mosques were burned and damaged, their Imams killed by Shiite militias after Samara events in Feb 22, only Shiite Husseinis standing now in the neighborhood in a show of new Iraq plurality system.


Blogger John said...

Screen, thanks for these postings - it's obviously not the safest thing to do to voice some of these opinions and happenings, but what you're saying is very important for us in safer countries to hear (makes me all the sadder to read some of the flames you're getting). I wish you well and hope you keep safe, as I wish for all those Iraqis trying to build a stable, democratic and peaceful country. John

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