Thursday, June 15, 2006

Forensic Department

Sheikh Ali Muhammed, 44, father of six kids, returned from a tripe to Syria two weeks ago, after waiting for long time at the borders he reached Baghdad at 11,30 pm, the driver told him that he would drop him in Ghazaliyia neighborhood, the last point he can reach to go to his house at night.

Sheikh Ali decided to take a taxi and go to his relative house in Haifa street, after ten minutes, the driver who was driving in front of the sheikh car, saw a police patrol stopping the sheikh, the driver went to check, the police told him he can go but the sheikh will stay with them.

For two weeks now and after looking and checking everywhere, sheikh family can’t find him and like most of the Iraqis do nowadays if they have someone missing, they will go to the forensic department in Baghdad.

A relative to the sheikh contacted me to say that he can not go to the forensic department as well as other men in his tripe because they are worried they will be kidnapped and killed because they are Sunnis.

I contacted the forensic department to check about the sheikh, the department said the relative should come and see the pictures they have for the tens of unknown bodies they receive every day because they are without IDS.

The relative said that he would wait to go next Sunday, Sunni Endowment arranged for an armed patrol to go next Sunday to the forensic department with tens of Sunni families who can’t go there to get their sons bodies because of the Shiite militias waiting there to sntach any relatives come to ask about them.

I was in an internet café two days ago, three men wearing white disdash came to the owner of the café who is Shiite, he asked them if they found “ Wasiem” body at the forensic department? They told him, they were there all the day but they could not find Wasiem’s body but they were shocked of the situation there, the number of the unknown bodies and how discusting smell because most of the bodies found after few days and morgue can not contain all of them.

One of the men said “ I have seen all absurdities in this country but I cant believe that we have reached such a level of hatred and meanness among us.”

The owner asked him “ What did you find?”

The man said “ There was a body without head which is a normal situation now at the forensic department but the big shock is that the villains had sewed a head of dog instead.”


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