Friday, June 23, 2006

These Days

These days are the most fearful days I have ever seen in Iraq, stories of kidnapping and killing have made me walk in the street and look around in fear some one might be chasing me or another might jump and drag me in a car or shoot me to death.

I left the house mumbling with prayers begging God to take care of me and protect me of kidnappers and sectarians. I stood at the main street waiting for a taxi to jump in and runaway to work, waiting at the street for long under the heat of the sun is a great risk.

I looked around, the street was full of cars waiting in line for fuel, but the smell was awful, it was a dead dog left at the side of the street, the only shady spot was near the dog so I have to choose between the heat and the bad smell.

While I was trying to make a choice, I looked in front of me I saw a tall guy with black suit crossing the two main streets and heading towards me.

“It is the end.” I told myself, he must be member of Mahdi army and will either kill me immediately or kidnap me for reasons I do not know, but I stunned in my place and did not know what to do, run home, still the distance is not short and he can capture me, shout, I felt my throat is so dry, contact the police, they will do nothing as usual.

He was coming closer and closer, gazing at me, I tried to find one explanation for his focusing on me could not find, who is he? Could not figure.

“ It is the end, no way to runaway but the problem I have not written my will and if he kidnapped me, it would be the end of the family.” I was nearly getting mad with different thoughts and ideas roaring in my head.

Now, he is in front me so I have to face my fate, he looked at me and said “ Salam Aliakm”, I replied “ Salam.”

“You do not know me?”

“ No.”

“ Iam the driver who took you to Amman last year.” He said.

With this sentence, I took a deep breath and nearly to faint and said quickly “ Oh, really, Iam so sorry, Yes, I do remember you, you were great, I always remember that nice tripe and how great you were! What are you doing here?

I came to apply for a work at the fire police here near your house and saw you from a distant and wanted to come and say hello to you.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that, it is good you still remember me, are you still working between Baghdad and Amman?

No, I have stopped because of so many incidents of kidnapping and decapitating. I work between Baghdad and Basra, it is safer.

Where do you live now?

In Sader city.


Blogger Iranian said...

There is no "Iranian Mukhabarat". Mukhaberat is used to refer to communication and not intelligence in Persian. "Etela'at" is used to refer to intelligence. And what in the world is a "Sacht"? Is that a چ or a ش?

1:05 AM  
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