Sunday, June 18, 2006

Singer Or Killer

Today our neighbor found a piece of paper at the front door of his house ordering him to leave or he will regret it, he is Sunni from Samara town but he’s been living in our neighborhood for forty now.

All the neighbors in the street gathered at the house of the threatened neighbor to figure out how to help him, one of the neighbor said “ I do not know what is the role of the government in such threats, how can a person threaten others, order them to leave while the government does not do anything to stop that.”

I was at a woman society meeting few days ago, the chairman of the society was talking about the hardship of the Iraqi woman under the US occupation, she talked about an Iraqi woman who was detained by the US forces under the accusation of hosting three Arab “foreign” fighters.

The chairman said I’d like to ask the Americans “ Why it is a crime to host three foreign fighters in her house while it is ok to host more than 180,000 foreign soldier in Iraq?!!!!!!”

Pentagon admitted mistreatment in Abu Ghraib prison but refused to describe it as abuses, may God helps the Iraqis, where shall they go? If they are lucky and escape US forces prisons and abuses, they will fall in the ministry of Interior or Defense prisons who even does not accept to discuss the idea of abuses and torture in its prisons just because they are perfect and run by Moslems who have the fear of God.

Most of the people now prefer to be detained by the US forces but not by the Iraqi forces, “ Iam glad my son is taken by the Americans not by the ministry of Interior, at least I know, one day, he will come to me.” A man told me in an interview with him.

After Haditha, Ishaqi and Hashimiyiat massacres, yesterday a family of eight persons in Falluja entered the record of the US massacres in Iraq, a small female kid covered with a blanket was laying on the ground waiting for her turn to be buried with her other seven relatives, all of them killed in their house by US air strike for reasons even the US commander in the Gulf told Al-Jazera satellite that he did not know about why that family was killed?

Civilians in Yousifiyia town, south of Baghdad do not know what will happen to them after the kidnapping of two US soldiers in their town.

“ Yousifiyia is sealed off, US snipers are at the roofs of the houses, they are checking the town house by house, detaining any man they find, two houses near the site of the incident leveled yesterday.” One of the residents in Yousifiyia told me.

I told you before about release and detain style used here and how people are skeptical about the release of some of the detainees from the US prisons, I saw an Iraqi woman on TV shouting and crying “ Allahu Akber, Allahu Akber, the Americans are releasing the detainees while the ministry of Interior does not free any of its detainees.” Her son is detained by the commandos of the ministry of Interior.

One of the detainees was on TV to express his feeling about being released after long imprisonment said “ Im happy to be released but Iam not happy to go home because I know I will be either killed on my ID or by a car bomb or an IED, Iam thinking of my other relatives and friends who are still in the prison and do not know when they will be released.”

A police source in Ba’quba said that 256 detainee were released from the US prisons since the killing of Zerqawi till now, 450 person had been detained in the town, so it is true when one of the politicians told me “ I hope the government would be honest in its initiative, not to release 500 and than detain 1000.”

I have the chance to sit with an Iraqi singer who also plays on Lute and asked him how could he sing and play on these crazy days, the artist said “ I live in Sader city, I can’t walk in the street carrying my Lute with me, Iam hiding it here and there in fear some gunmen would see me and kill me, I have received many threats ordering me to give up singing because it is Haram or I would be killed but I love art it is in my blood, which is better to be a singer or a killer?”


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