Monday, June 19, 2006

Iraq Today

To be a pilot and defend your country has become a sin after the US invasion to Iraq which freed the Iranian hand to assassinate and kill any Iraqi pilot served during the Iraqi-Iranian war.

More than 21 Iraqi pilot have been detained by the US forces immediately at the end of the war, till now their fate is unknown according to a security official in charge of the neighborhoods where these pilots detained.

“ Their families even stopped asking about them as they used to do that for two years.” The security official said.

120 pilot have been assassinated by the Iranian Mukhabarat " Etela'at" and Shiite militias in Iraq funded by Iran.

Other pilots are receiving threats and hiding here and there, some of them took their luggage and left abroad.

Bashar Abdul Hadi, is one of the un lucky Iraqi pilot, 39, found himself jobless after the war of 2003, he bought a car to use it as a taxi but he was not that lucky, after few months, he fell in the hand of some bandits who beaten him and took his car.

His wife who is a teacher at a primary school begged him to stay at home and live by her salary till the security situation would be better, lately Bashar visited by one of his friend who told him that his name is in the list, and it is better for him to flee before he would be killed soon.

Bashar did not stay at home at that night and went to stay with his relative in another neighborhood in Baghdad.

Next morning Bashar took his suitcase and put himself in the first Iraqi bus heading to Syria to escape assassination.

Few days ago, his wife, his only 14- year daughter, his sister and her husband took a car and traveled to Syria to see Bashar and decide what to do for the future.

I was on the telephone with his wife Maha who was telling me in panic about what happened to them during the land tripe to Syria “ I can’t believe myself that I still have my daughter with me.” She said.


When we were close to the Syrian borders, a complete desert, all of a sudden, we were stopped by a group of gunmen, something like a checkpoint, two of them jumped to the car looking in our faces and asking as questions about our identity, then one of them look at my daughter and shouted in her face, “ Why do not you wear a hair scarf?”

I told him, “ she is a kid.”

He said “ She is a kid, you do not look at her she is a woman, and she must wear a scarf.”

He began to pull her down of the car while she was crying and shouting for help, I myself cried and begged him to leave her and made oath to him that she will wear scarf now but all these attempts were useless. He insisted to take her.

Then my brother interfered and went to the other men who were waiting aside and hardly could convince them to leave the girl and that the family is under threat in a way they forgot about the issue of the hair scarf because their main concern was to leave.

A shepherd in Amiriyia district brought his sheep and goats to sell them there, two men came to buy but they surprised him with this question, “ Why your goats bottom is not covered?”

The man did not know what to say but the men began to beat him for his carelessness and warned him to come here with his naked goats here, before he answered them, he received a shot in his leg.


Blogger harbinger of harmony said...

Freedom. It's on the march, I guess.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Mr. K said...

I guess the lesson is, iraqis go for that goat stuff? simply corroborates what I have heard elsewhere...

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goats with naked bottows?? Since when is that a problem?? Do they make up their rules as they go on?? Im into a certain level of modest dress, but thats just silly.

Its a shame the man had to suffer for it. Too much suffering over nonsense.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

just another reason why religion should be abolished.

And Indeed, the Islamists do not even know their own religion...they are ignorant and illiterate.

11:28 AM  
Blogger cile said...

tis good to see you're still posting!! i'm having some time offline but will be back soon. keep going strong!

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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