Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Paradise Of The Grave

Any government in the world with such killing rate like every day in Iraq, would declare its resignation immediately as an admission of its failure in providing its people with the basic requirement any people need to live like human beings.

With all this vivid failure on all levels and the best indication for it, is the escalation of violation and increase of number of Iraqis who are fleeing the hell of Iraq, with all this shortage in fuel, power an water and endless list of red marks the Iraqi government gets for its shameful performance, still all its members, from the president till the MPS whom quarrelling all the time, all of them are clinging to their chairs to the last breath.

Moreover, when they show on TV, they will talk about the achievement of the National Unity government though any statement aired by the president, will be crossed by the premier or in the opposite, and same with ministers and the MPS, as if they do not meet and agree about a unified speech, but again, it does not matter, Iraqis are busy with their victims, their IDS, their names, their displacement, their thinking of getting up early in the morning to stand in the line for gas, though every month if not every week, they will hear in the news about the soaring level of Iraqi oil exportation and revenues.

I really do not know what the minister of Defence, minister of Interior and minister of National Security are doing? do they read the news? do they bother themselves to look at the statistics of the forensic department and think of the Iraqi people for a moment not of their personal interest and admit their failure in putting an end for this brutal killing.

Saddam was accused of his obsession with the presidency chair and there is no power can move him out except the American power who came to save the Iraqi people, but now, all these people who are in power, are supported by the Americans, in the contrary, the only power that can move them out, is the departure of the US forces, they will runaway within a minute, simply because of the non-loyalty of the Iraqi army and police to the government, but to their ethnic minorities and clerics.

A Shiite guy went to the forensic department to get the body of his relative who was killed in Ba’quba market just because he is Shiite, in fact he was slaughtered, he told me that for his surprise that while he was waiting to get the body of his relative, he saw a horrible scene that till now he can’t forget or believe, he said, he saw a body of a Sunni man who was killed by putting a long nail in his head to come down out of his chin, both of his hands were cut and put on his head.

With all these barbarian scenes, I even began to doubt that Iraq is the land of Mesopotamia where the first civilization in the world found, the first land to invent means of writing and put laws to organize the different types of relations among its people.

I really doubt that those killers are the offspring of those great ancient Iraqi people as they do not have any normal aspect shared by common human being to deal with others.

Leaflets flooded Ba’quba, telling people that cucumber and tomato are harqm and any body seen carrying them together or making a salad out of them, he will be killed, in addition to cabbage, and the reason is that they represent sexual features.

Women are obliged to wear abaya and cover their faces not to wear ordinary hijab, otherwise they will be killed too and I think soon we will go back to the habit of killing females as soon as they born to get rid of their problems.

Any person will be seen smoking cigarettes, he will be warned and if he did it again he will be killed, a guy was smoking in Ba’quba when he was caught by some gunmen who put off the cigarette in his mouth and warned him of doing that again because they wouldl make him smoke in the grave.

Colleges are warned there too if they start the new year while still they have the mixed system of studying, boys and girls, either they separate them or professors and students will be legitimate target.

All of that, and the Iraqi government still talks about its unique achievement with such a record time to send the Iraqis who elected them as soon as possible to the paradise of the graves where they can have peace and democracy without exerting any effort or sustain any fear and where they can fulfil all their dreams.

It is really shameful, the world silence towards the daily slaughtering of the Iraqis and it can't gather to find a solution for the Iraqi problem though most of the world armies gathered within few months to come and destroy Iraq in 2003.


Blogger a_mel_iorate said...

I'm so glad you are alive and well. Please continue to tell your stories.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Hi - I have sent you an email. Will you check? thanks.

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Blogger mewmewmew said...

Clutch should understand that whilst the American people (and even the NeoCons) did not invade Iraq for revenge, it is possible that Bush did. He is simple minded, hot headed and easily led. One of the ways the NeoCons could most easily persuaded him would have been by presenting it as an opportunity to take revenge.

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