Monday, June 26, 2006


Malki was declaring his reconciliation project in the Iraqi parliament amid a blown up security plan began ten days ago, Mahdi army supported by the commandos of the ministry of Interior was busy launching attacks against Sunni dominated neighborhoods in Baghdad like Fadhel, Haifa street and Al-Kifaha.

They tried to enter Adhamiyia but the National Guards stopped their progress to avert a big fight as people there are always in state of alert expecting Shiite militias to come at any moment.

A man from Adhamiyia said “ I do not leave Adhamiyia because my ID is issued in Adhamiyia and if Shiite militia discovered that they will kill me.”

He went on to say “you did not hear of the ten guys who went from Adhamiyia to the Medical City to donate blood but they kidnapped by militias there, their bodies found later on at the outskirts of Baghdad.”

Mahdi army was sweeping Sunni neighborhoods who did not wait for long to raise their arms and engaged in a hot battle supported by the National Guards, the fight reached Baghdad university in Bab Al-Mua’dadham, mortars, PKC, and launchers were exchanged, students and professors in the university found them stuck in the fight and do not know what to do.

I contacted a friend who works there to check with her, she said “ It was such a panic, the university was a battle field, gunmen closed the gate of the university while they were answering shooting from different sides, all the professors believed that they would be collected soon and killed.”

I was watching the session of the parliament and listening to the project of reconciliation, actually it was good, the project has the chance to declare itself amid all the disputes surrounded its birth, Shiite cleric in Najef last Friday was upset for the release of the detainees whom all are Sunni and wanted them to be treated like Guantinamou prisoners!!!!

Others were displeased with terming their dogmatic fellows as militias, Sunni were unhappy about mixing terror with resistance and Deba’athification.

But still the reconciliation is declared and immediately heads of blocs indulged in speeches praising and reserving some points in the project.

One of the Shiite speaker who was greeting the project was talking about its good aspects till he reached a point in which he was condemning Takfiris, Saddamis and terrorists but he moved his sights towards the side of the parliament where Sunnis were sitting.

Sunni immediately interrupted him and said “ Sir, Why are looking at us, do you mean us with this speech?”

But the man soon apologized insisting that he did not mean it but by chance his sight fell on their side.

One of my colleague asked me about my opinion of the reconciliation, I told her “ reconciliation is really what we need in this time, but I was expecting something more powerful, I feel I have heard all the items in this project before, there is nothing new, when I read it I felt as if Iam having food without salt.”

At night an Arab satellite brought two Iraqis Sunni and Shiite to talk about the reconciliation, the Sunni was pulling towards the west while the Shiite was pulling towards the east, the interviewer ended while the two men did not reach a point to meet at and reconciliate.


Blogger strudel said...

this is from the NYT
Amid Iraqi Chaos, Schools Fill After Long Decline
Enrollment in Iraqi schools has risen every year since the American invasion, reversing more than a decade of declines and offering evidence of increased prosperity for some Iraqis.

Any comment?


1:24 AM  
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Blogger mewmewmew said...

Clutch should understand that whilst the American people (and even the NeoCons) did not invade Iraq for revenge, it is possible that Bush did. He is simple minded, hot headed and easily led. One of the ways the NeoCons could most easily persuaded him would have been by presenting it as an opportunity to take revenge.

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