Sunday, November 05, 2006

It Is America Who Toppled Saddam Hussein, Not You

Palestine hotel was a scene for the formal efforts to raise up from the ashes of 2003 invasion, and to start with the capital of the bloodiest history in the world since its foundation, a mayor was appointed for Dear Baghdad soon after the war.

Iam really trying to recall his name but can’t because he was appointed for a very short term, anyway, I had the chance to attend one of the meeting he held with some of the Iraqis who wanted to work with him and get positions in Baghdad municipality.

As usual, after few minutes, a quarrel erupted among the confrreres while they were trying to share these positions, it was really a small picture for what is happening now in Iraq.

When the dispute got more feverish, nothing left to the confreres only to resort to their Jihadi struggle to topple Saddam and that Saddam was kicked out only because of them.

At this moment, the mayor raised up and took the speech from those who were quarrelling and said,
“ Look, you can claim anything, you can lie as much as you like, but here Iam saying in front of all of you, any one claims that just because of him, including me, Saddam was toppled, he is a big lair, whoever he is, we all could not topple Saddam, he was toppled by America, so shut up all of you, and I do not want to hear any one of you describing himself as a hero and patriotic while the other is not, we all did not do that, it is America, Saddam would be still in power till now.”

I read lately, the first US wise article about Iraq by a Washington Post writer, his name is King, in which he was describing his frustration about Sistani refusal to meet any US official even president Bush himself, though Sistani now was nearly to be hanged in time of Saddam and it is only because of America, he is in his position now, the same like with Sader and Malki.

But why these figures do not respect America though America did them a favour, in fact, even the entire Iraqis only those who came on the US tanks who always praised America favour on them, the reason is that all the Iraqis knew that America invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam not for the sake of the Iraqis themselves but for its interest in the region, but by chance the Shiite benefited out of that.

Till now, the US can not grasp the fact or it knows but did not want the admit, that Arab world and Moslems never trust US intentions in the Middle East whatever US tries to prove to them because of the suspecious relations between both of them all over the modern histroy.

This luck of trust which is planted by America itself among Arabs and Moslem dated back to more than sixty year, because since that time, America was supporting Israel blindly on the barter of the Arab world and never did anything to reform that, yet, its practices against Arabs were getting worse and worse till it woke up on the events of Sept 11 and tore its hear about the massive damage caused by the Moslem extremists.

Again, the US did not learn from the lesson and began to correct the mistakes by another big mistakes till it ended with Iraq quagmire which till now claimed lives of 2,820 soldiers and thousands of wounded but this time not to be killed by the Moslem extremists but by the hand of America itself.

And today, the US is playing another game by expressing its satisfication of Iraqis joy for Saddam's death verdict which it kept described as Iraqi decison though everybody know how much America spent money on this court, on training the Iraqi judges and that there were always US consultants who watching the court and directing the Iraqi judges and prosecuters, of course not the defence lawyers, in another show to deceive the Iraqis that this court is for the sake of the Iraqi people oppressed By Saddam not for the sake of the US elections next Tuesday or other interests we will discover later on.

But the problem again is non of the Iraqis will believe that, even the Shiite and the Kurds and Sistani will keep rejecting meeting US officials even Bush and Sader current will keep denying US favour on them and would divide Mahdi army duty between killing Sunnis and American soldiers.


Blogger miltongoldblatt said...

Does the fact that SADDAM SENTENCED TO DEATH on NOV 5th days before the GOP blood bath prove to anyone that it was a Kangaroo court for poor Saddam?

Put him {Saddam} back in charge of Iraqi and give that country order.

We know, Rummy can fix a court but now a country.

Since September 11, the Bush Administration has repeatedly exploited the threat of terrorism for political ends, from dirty bombs to sleeper cells to electoral politics.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Mike E said...

For what it's worth...we don't believe it either.

It's just that none of us know what to do...

Best luck ishtar.

11:11 PM  
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