Sunday, November 19, 2006

It Is No Good To Be Sunni Or Shiite

After the war of morters that had engulfed Baghdad for more than two weeks, now a new war started which is teh war of Kias, minibus.

All what you have to do, is just to listen to the news or telephones from relatives and friends to tell you about the number of Kias are getting missing now in Baghdad, in a way people are thinking of their means of travelling in Baghdad or just to stay at home, which is not safe too.

The conversation all teh time whether it is better to say you are Shiite or to say you are Sunni if you are captured by the police or the militia and how can you figure out whtehre they are Shiite or Sunni to say teh right thing in the right time.

Two brothers and their sister were in their car heading to Dora district in Baghdad, to collect what is left of their homse furnture after their family decision of leaving the district because life there becomes real hell.

few meters far of their house, they saw a check point stopping any passing car and speak with its driver, the two brothers had to make a quick decision what to say to the armed men at the check point if they asked them about their identity, after few minutes it was its turn, they had to stop at the check point, they did not know whether it is real or fake but they have to stop.

the armed men cordoned off the car and began their checking, the brother who was driving was the first to be questioned whether he is Sunni or Shiite, he immediatly told them, " Iam Sunni." The armed man did not wait long to give him a shot in his head with three bullets and kill him at once.

Another armed man broke the window on the other brother and asked him whether he is Sunni or Shiite, the brotehr thought it is better to say Shiite because these militiamen seemed to be Shiite otehrwise why they killed his brother when he said he is Sunni, so he looked the armed man while he was shivering, " Iam Shiite." The armed man rained him with bullets till he killed him and ranaway.

the sister who was sitting at the back, watching what was going on and could not believe what happened to her brother while she was covered with their blood, fained in the car and lost her consciouss.

The car left in that place for hours, no one dares to go close, till a man was passing by his car and could not move because of the car was stuck in the road got down of his car to see why the driver does not move? but he was shocked to teh bloody scene and took the sister to one of the hospital in Baghdad and till now she is in coma because of what she has seen.

So, to be Sunni, you will be killed, to be Shiite, you will killed, what shall the Iraqi do to sprae his blood? where shall he go, if he has 150,000 US soldier, 7000 British soldiers, more than 150,000 Iraqi police and the same national guard, all these armies can not protect him, what can the common Iraqi person do who can not hide at the green zone?


Blogger strudel said...

Ishtar, you and our friend-bloggers have given us a clear view of life in Iraq, Baghdad at least. In advance respect to media. But what happened to the Stoney Guest, Mr. Oil. Strudel

6:36 AM  
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