Monday, May 22, 2006

National Reconciliation

I was listening to the presser conducted by the new Iraqi premier, Nouri Al-Malki, in which he emphasized his willingness to promote a national conciliation, in a bid to ease the sectarian congestion storming Iraq now.

It is a great initiative and Iam sure every common Iraqi is waiting for but Mr.Malki killed it in its bed when he insisted on keeping former minister of Interior” Jabbur Solagh” in the new government though he is absolutely unwanted by the Sunnis and in fact one of the reasons that pushed Sunnis to join the political process was to kick Solagh out of the government for the horrible atrocities perpetuated by his ministry against Sunnis.

One of Mr.malki fatal mistake as Sunnis say now, was granting “ Solagh” the ministry of Finance, in a gesture they considered as a reward for the mass killing carried out against Sunnis by him when he headed the ministry of Interior under Ja’feri government.

After destroying one of the main pillars of a state was called Iraq by his bad performance at the previous ministry and hepled in igniting a civil war , now Solagh will devote the ministry of Finance for funding all Shiite militias by his new post.

This is what the Sunni are talking about now and how upset they are of such act which reveals a childish style of teasing others.

Younis Al-Rauba’i, the Shiite man I talked about in my story “ killing Masters”, the owner of the shop in a district in Baghdad called “ Al-Kam” who asked the son of his Sunni assassinated friend “ Khaliel” to come and work with him in his shop after losing his father six months ago, killed yesterday.

Khaliel was assassinated in Younis shop twenty days ago and Younis forced to leave his house in Al-Kam after receiving a flier ordering him to leave his house which he has been leaving in for 40 year now.

Younis decided to rent a house in another neighborhood in Baghdad and one of his Sunni friends offered to rent his house in “ Al-Kam” to help him afford the high rent he has to pay in the new neighborhood.

The Sunni friend was also threatened to leave the house of his Shiite friend or he would be killed soon, so he did.

Younis and his wife had to go to their old house, at least ,to water the trees in their garden because there was no one in the house to do that as the wife told me recently.

Three days ago, a relative to the family carried a message to Younis warning him of coming again to his shop otherwise he will be killed like Khaliel, Younis did not yield to the threat and said “ It is my shop, I’ve been there for 40 year, no one has the right to kick me out of my shop, how can I earn the living of my family?”

Yesterday night, Younis took his wife and his granddaughter and went to his shop to work while his wife went to their old house, in the way back home at the high way of
“ Muhammed Al-Qassim” at 9,30 pm, Younis car was chased by a car with four gunmen who sprayed Younis car with fire, he tried to shoot against them but he fell dead when a bullet stayed in his throat.

Younis wife injured severely in her shoulder and breast while the granddaughter who was sitting at the back seat survived miraculously but she took her mobile and started to contact the family about the assassination of her grandfather and that they are still in the car on the high way.

The latest rumor circulates now among the Iraqis that soon Baghdad will witness streets fighting especially after news published on the Iraqi newspapers saying that the ministry of Finance has moved all its treasure to the green zone, as a precautionary procedure to the crazy deterioration in the security in Baghdad.
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