Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sader City

After a great effort, we were able to get one of the men who survived from the mass kidnapping of the Fellowship Directoriate two weeks ago, the only reason of his survival is that his name is Ali, a matter made Mahdi army thinking that he is Shiite.

The man was describing how they were blindfolded and taken in cars to Sader city where they were received with great joy by men and women of Sader city there, the man said that for his surprise that women there were making these special Iraqi vocal singlas we called them " Halahel" because they were so happy that these Sunni men will be tortured and killed as the Madhi army has brought the ccriminals behind Iraq's catasrophe.

The man said that he could not believe what he was listening to and what he was looking at after his eyes were unfolded, the people who live around the place where these abducted men taken were so glad and vowing of more revenage, while session of torture resumed immediatly against the kidnapped victims by most brutal means used by humanity till now, beginning from the drills and ending with eyes removal and then to be thrown in teh trash.

The man who was one of few survivers informed the families of the victims he knew to go and collect the bodies of their relatives because he has seen them while they were tortured till the last breath and their accusation is that they were Sunni infidelas and Baghdad must be exclusive to Shiite only.

After few days, Sader city riddled with three cars bombs and more than 200 Iraqi killed, everybody was syaing that these cars bombs were a reaction to the 150 man kidnapped by Mahdi army, a very good indication that violent acts only breed more violence and the victims always innocent people.

But some of the analysts were asking about the reason behind that deterioration between Sader current and Sunni while they had good relation before, one of the reasons they gave was that Bader brigade was not happy about this relation especially SCIRI wants to have a federalism of the south and middle of Iraq and the only way to drag the Sader current to their side and to take part in the governmnet was to damage this relation by sending cars bombs to Sader city and blaming the Sunni though evreybody know that no Sunni dares to go to Sader city because of Mahdi army control of the city and the so many chek points that make it so difficult for non Shiite person to get inside the city and put cars bombs.


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