Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bush And Malki

Bush is meeting with Malki while Wahida's body who is an Iraqi woman lives in Ameriyia district in Baghdad is behind the main door of her house bleeding and no one dares to take a step to collect it because of the heavy shooting there.

Wahida is an Iraqi woman who refused to flee the hell of Iraq as she was worried about her house, the house which she had spent all her life to build thinking it would be a safe heaven for her but she did not know that she would pay her life as a price for that house.

Wahida was left alone after the entire family left to Jordan, one of her brother killed in a car bomb explosion in Sadiyia while he was getting fuel for his car, her second brotehr was kidnapped by a gang and when the family paid a huge amount of money to the kidnappers, they submitted them his body, her third brother, the neighbour of Wahida in Ameriyia kept ringing him to come and collect his sister body, he apologized that he can't leave his house because he would be killed before he came to get her body.

For the second day Wahida body is waiting for Bush and Malki to come and collect it but they stepped on it like the 86 body found today in Baghdad slaughtered like sheep for Bush democracy.

Tens of family are fleeing Baghdad because malki is the suitable man for leading Iraq as Bush described him but it would be better if he said that he is the suitable man to lead Iraq to the downhill, will not say civil war because we are in civil war since Ja'aferi government installed power in Iraq but it is reinforced by his colleague Malki.

Families in Sheikh Omer in Baghdad are paying all their saving just to get an approval to go to other provinces where their orginal tribes live to flee the hell of Baghdad and to leave it to the militias so that they can have enough space to kill and torture the Iraqis and throw them in the trash.

I wish that any Iraqi figure met with Bush would give him a telephone number of a family in Baghdad to chat with them and see what he had done to these innocent people, now, each family is jailed in its house just exchanging news, "the militia is in this neighbourhood and has taken ten guys, be careful", the family would pray thousand time just to escape the harm of these militiamen who are wearing the uniform of the Ministry of Interior and using its cars and picking up men as they like.

A Sunni shop owner well known in a shiite neighbourhood of his peaceful behaviour was kidnapped by the militia, his Shiite neighbour ran to the closest Huseeini and told them to release the man because he is in his neighbourhood and he is very certain that he is a good guy, after one day, the shop owner thrown near his shop after being beaten severely and kept in a ditch with tens of Sunni men just because they are Sunni.

The entire neighbourhood did not believe the news that the shop owner got back because any person kidnapped by militia won't ever get back but that man was an exception.

Another family lives close to gas station,on these days lines of gas are longer than the borders with Jordan, a woman told me that she had such a horrible moments in the morning when Bush and Malki were meeting, a bus came loaded with young guys and they were shouting hurry up, let us break in them, she said because she is obssesed and heard alot of militia kidnapping men, she woke up her husband telling him that they come, the husband took his gun and promised to fight before they kill him, but then the woman said she found that the young men stopped their bus near her house but they went to stand in line for gas.

other families want to leave the country and go to live in Syria but the problem is that they do not have passports and no one dares now to go out and apply for a passport and even if they do that, the passport directorate will tell them that they halted the issuence of the new passport but if you are smart enough you will find a guy who works at that directortae who would tell you if you want a passport we have, just bring me $700 and you do not even need to come here you will get it at home?!!!

This is what is left of a country used to be called The land between two Rivers.


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