Saturday, December 02, 2006

You Are Very Stupid

I swear to God, the honest nationalist Iraqi peopl will never forgive and forget the US-British troops crimes in Iraq all over the history simply because the Iraqi army did not cross seven oceans and invaded the US or Britain but within day and night the Iraqi people found themselves victims of sick dreams of these tyrant states who exposed to the entire world their real vicious nature and hatred towards Arab and Moslems by their invasion to Iraq.

It was much better for US and Britain when they came on their tanks and planes to Iraq to tell the Iraqi people the truth behind their invasion which is to protect their interest in the region and get rid of Saddam Hussein who was the only obstecl in their way.

It was much better for them to tell the Iraqis that truth because the Iraqis would understand that but to come and invade Iraq with slogans of democracy and their concerns about oppresed Shiite and Kurds, this had aggraveted the situation more and more.

The problem of these occuyping states or in fact the entire western world that they think that they are the only smart people in the world and Arabs and Moslems are the most stupid just because they can drink as much as they can and they can be naked as much as they can, but in fact, within the last hundred years, the western world proved to be the most stupid, just try to ask any English person in London about a street in his neighbourhood, immediatly he will tell you "I do not know", and will run to his map!!!!

This luck of knowledge of other people culture and being filled with the idea of being the best is reflected in US-British troops fatal mistake in Iraq, and in fact you can see that they behave like a drunk US or English man, when they try to amend the mess they caused in this country, they do not want to learn from their previous mistakes and actually they can't undestand the big shouts that are coming from everywhere even from US and Britain telling them, " You are very stupid."

They thought when they came to Iraq accompained by the Iraqi traitors abroad, that all the Iraqis are duplicate to these figures, they did not know that there are Iraqis Sunni, Shiite and Kurds who are ready to pay their lives for the sake of Iraq, their beloved country.They are not mercineries like most of the coaltion forces, they can't stand the idea of Iraq being occupied while they call themselves men.

In one of the US patrols in Baghdad, I saw a US soldiers driving his vehicle with a big picture for a naked woman near the mirror in front of him and he was touring the streets of Baghdad, what does this stupid soldier think the reaction would be? respect from the Iraqis or a persistance to kill him as he was provoking them.

After the exposure of the most shameful crime committed by the US soldiers against an Iraqi family in Yousifiyia, killing the parants and two daughters after raping the innocent girl " Abeer", a committe by the US army wanted to investigate the crime, but see what they suggested to prove, it is real or fake while every body know it is absoultly real and even the soldier hismelf confessed the crime of raping, the committee suggested the exhumbing of Abeer body!!!!

What do you think the reaction of Abeer's tribe? do you think they will accept that for the sake of few bloody US dollars, they told the committee the hell with your dollars and investigation, even when she is in the grave, you do not want to leave her alone.

But what do you understand from that? The level of stupidity and ignorance of these Americans, whom they think that all the people will kneel to their knees for their dollars, they can't understand the brutality of their crime, the shame behind it and they want to correct it by another mistake, no one of their Iraqi friends tell them, the real culture of the Iraqis tribes and society, that the are men who will take revenage for Abeer and her family soon or later and no dollars or anything can repair the damage caused by their filthy soldiers.


Blogger madtom said...

So instead of providing evidence that could help get a conviction. You think it better to just take some revenge on some poor random victim. Yes I can see the superior intellect in that. Oh and I had no idea New York city was on your side of the Atlantic.

But you know we could not resist all that sand, we had to go over to steal some.

1:33 PM  
Blogger An Italian. said...

@ Madtom (proper nickname).

You wrote: "Oh and I had no idea New York city was on your side of the Atlantic".

What had Iraq or Iraqis to do with 9/11, oh cretin?

Your invasion of Iraq was simply a criminal (and demented) war of aggression.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Bruno said...

Speaking of revenge, Iraqis have deployed a new katyusha missile against the invader, and it is called Abeer.

3:56 AM  
Blogger Fade said...

Madtom- That murdering soldier got 90 years in prison. He will die in prison. There was no need to exhume the body when the murdering rapist soldier admitted the deed. It was just more delaying tactics from THE DEFENSE. Meanwhile, stupid people like you try to pretend like America had no material interest in Iraq. Its not the sand you fool, its the oil underneath it. And if you do not understand THAT, then truly you are a person of inferior intellect.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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