Sunday, December 03, 2006

Iran's Schemes In Iraq

Few months after the assassination Of top Shiite cleric Baqer Al-Hakiem in Nejef in August 2003, I had the chance to meet the chief judge at the Iraqi centeral Criminal Court in Harithiyia at that time who is Shiite and asked him about sort of cases they have and when they would issue the final verdicts about them.

The judge said that he had three ready cases and their result will be a shock to the entire Iraqis, I aksed him about these cases, he said first we have the case of cleric Baqer Al-Hakiem assassination, we had done deep investigation regarding this case, we checked the cars used in his convoy and the explosive material used in this explosion and some of the surviors who were his body guards.

The judge said we found that the cars belong to the Iranian Intelligence " Itila'at" and if you see the place where the bomb was planted you will find no one can put it in this place only a person who manufactured this car.

I asked him why do you think the Iranian regime would kill Al-Hakiem while he spent most of his life there and he promised to be loyal to them because they had hosted him?

The judge said" If you take a good look at the last statements and speeches aired by the late cleric you will find that the man was trying to get out of the Iranian grip and deal with Iraq case as Iraqi not Iranian, a matter which provoked the Iranians and made them angery about him in a way they decided to get rid of him."

This is what the shiite judge said and that soon the result of the investigation would be declared to the Iraqis but unfortuentally like so many important cases, no one tell the truth to the Iraqis because this is against the Shiite parties who are loyal to Iran.

Yesterday, The Ministry of Defence accomplished investigation about the cars bombs riddles Sader City last week and the minsitry found the Shasset of the cars bombs were Iranian and in fact these cars were at the custmos department with Iran for few days as there was a problem to get them inside Iraq but all of a sudden they found their way in Sader city.

But as usual the investigation will be kept because the result is not good for the Shiite parties who are loyal to Iran while every body knows Iran dirty game in Iraq which is to fund and support both Mahdi army and Bader Brigade by which it can have its own men at the Iraqi government and also can equiped Mahdi army to attack the British troops in Basra, the conflict is very feversih now between the both sides, it is much better for Iran to spend money but spare the blood of its men but the hell with the Iraqis, let them die for the sake of the Persians.

It is really amazing the way the Shiite parties haste to deny any Iranian intereference in Iraq though the entire world is confirming that and when you ask them about their nationality they will tell they are Iraqis, May God helps Iraq with such traitors.

Two young brothers from Al-Fadhil district in Baghdad, 14 year and 12 year went out of their district to buy few things, thinking taht it is natural,but for their bad luck ,they were stopped by Mahdi army who began to ask them who they are and where are they from? the young guys told Mahdi army who were in police uniforms that they are from Fadhil district.

Mahdi army did not wait long to give each one of them few bullets in his head and throw them on the trash, only yesterday their family found them at the Forensic department which is controlled by Mahdi army, but again they could not go to collect their bodies because the followers of Imam Al-Mahdi are waiting for them to kill them.

Just for your information, according to a Shiite cleric who is a Sader follower, he told me that when Imam Mahdi will show up again, he will look at those who claim that they are his followers and the entire moslems and will be very upset of what they are doing and what they have done, in a way, he will turn his face and go to the west because they are better.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger James R said...

Thanks for the very interesting Blog Ishtar. What you do is very valuable to a Westerner because we get very little news from Iraqi street level because Western journalists are generally too frightened to leave their hotel these days.
It's obvious you are a Sunni, not that it matters to me, but you do't need to hide your identity to be neutral.
Australian soldiers are in Iraq in small numbers. It's impossible not to feel partly responsible for the disaster engulfing your country. It's also impossible to stop it.
Keep up the good work.

6:08 PM  
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