Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mahdi Army

When the fight broke out with Sader's fallowers and US forces, most of the journalists heaed to Najef to cover the fight there,

while we were there, we had the chance to speak with one of Sader assistant about Sader, the father views about Imam Al-mahdi, the man said, " Al-Sader, the father belives that injustice, corruption and flourish of all sorts of bad things would help in bring Imam Mahdi back to save the world but when Imam Al-Mahdi comes to life and look at those who claim that they are his fallowers and they are waiting for him, he will turn his face and gets very upset because of their behaviour and incommitments to Islam in a way he will head to teh west because he thinks they are better.

We could not believe the man when he said that Imam Al-Mahdi will leave muslems and go to the west nut he insisted on that fact, but today when we look at the crimes committed by those who call themsleves, " Mahdi Ary", I found that man speech was right and sure Imam Al-Mahdi if he comes back to life he would get rid of this army who is using his name for doing very bad things which do not have any relation with the Imam.

Dhiya Ibrahiem, Sunni man in his mid thirtiess with four kids, he just got back from Syria a week ago after renting an apratment there to take his family and leave his neighbourhood which is dominated by this bloody army.

Dhiya who works in selling cars, had few cars that he needed to sell them to leave Iraq to Mahdi army to turn it a jungle that is suitable only for them to stay in.

Dhiya was in his shop which is few meters of his family house, sitting inside his shop when more than 15 armed sectarian cirminal broke in his shop ordering him to come with them, he tried to resist but their guns was on his head in a way he could not do anything.

They were in two cars and they put him in his car and ranaway to Al-Hurriyia district, the den of the criminals.

Dhiya was thrown in the trank of his car and while he was isnide teh trank, his mobile was with him, he rang his family saying, " Mahdi militia took me."

These were the last words Dhyia family heard from him and then he disappeared, the family did not leave a place to ask about their son only the forenisc department because no Sunni dares to go there to collect teh body of his relative, otherwise he himslef he would be killed because this bloody filthy militia is waiting their like hungry vampires to kill the relatives of their Suni victims.

The family decided to send their Shiite neighbour to go to the forenisc department and look for Dhiya because sure he would be one of the 100 unknown body every day found in Baghdad while the Iraqi officials are sitting in the Green Zone counting their millions and stating that the situation is imporving and that their government is the government of the national unity.

The Shiite neighbour found Dhiya sinking in his blood at the forensic department after receiving five bullets in his head and his face and that his hand was on face just to avoid the bullets in a way his fingers were cut too.

Along the trip from Dhiya house till Abu Ghraib graveyard, Dhiya mother was trying to have one look to say goodbye to her son and when the coffin was open, it was full of blood in a way, Dhiya mother became full of blood while she was trying to give him her last kiss.

I was talking with a singer from Sader city who is chased by the co called Mahdi army, he said, " I swear to you, these bloody guys who are chasing me and they want to kill me because Iam a singer, I know them all because Iam Shiite from Sader city, all of them are drug adicts and they drink wines and do all sorts of bad things, now, they tallk about religion and this is Halal and this Haram, may God curse be upon them."

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shame On You

I can't understand this American mentality which obliged all world people to love what they love and hate what they hate as if they are the only perfect model on this earth and all the other people come after them

I think the entire world would live in great peace if the US administration takes care of the US only and leaves the world people to handle their business without US belssings and support because this policy has proved its failure all ove the history.

For four years now, I have not heard the US administration declaring any strategy to deal with its internal affairs, in the contrary, it has devoted all its time for Iraq, as if Iraq is one of the US states and we do not know, or it is an inheritance for the Americans that they have to kill the Iraqis every day just to save it form the hands of its enemies.

It is absolutely unbelievable, this unbearable interference in Iraq's affairs that reached the level of invasion, destruction and killing of everything dear to us in our country.

I had seen the planes hitting the NY towers but all the investigations proved that all the suiciders who carried out these attacks non of them proved to be Iraqi and the organization behind the attack was Al-Qaida and again all the investigations proved that Iraq did not have any relation with this organization but why all of a sudden when the US administration began its cowboy compeign to revenge from those who blown up the towers, the first people to begin its revenge with was the Iraqis.

I have asked this question to a US General in Iraq, he could not give me an answer because he himself did not know why when the US wanted to fight the terror the choice was the Iraqi people and the battlefield was Iraq, the Iraqis had to die though they had nothing with September events simply because they are not human beings in the view of the US administration and they have to die so that the Americans can enjoy themselves not bother by anybody.

If the matter stopped to this level, we would accepted, but if any wise man takes a look about the bunch of men US picked up from the exile and brought down to rule Iraq, could feel the scale of the damage this administration caused to the Iraqis, they have chosen the worse people in the world and the best example to that was Saddam's execution which spared all the common Iraqis and journalists in Iraq the effort to give a real picture about the sort of government US installed for new Iraq, that we have been trying to tell the world about it but no one belive us.

A set of sectarian politicians who could not set up such a big event in a proper way and were dancing on Saddam body like monkeys and moreover when they wanted to justify that they said it was a habit by the Iraqis which was to dance on the body of their enemies, they wanted to amend their ugly picture by putting this on the shoulder of the Iraqi tradition which has nothing like that.

For any government in the world, whenever they have such big event like that, if they are real politicians not a bunch of criminals would study that carefully because they know that they do not communicate with a special community but they are part of a large world which they have to respect its laws and rules not to behave in such a childish way by claiming that it was an Iraqi special business.

In this event, the Iraqi government backed by US administration not only caused harm to itself but to Iraq, Islam and America itself, and I can assure you the Iraqi people will never forgive America for submitting Saddam to the Iraqi government after a deal with Al-Hakiem made in Washington late.

I want to say if US administartion put 1000 strategy to tale Iraq out of its current hard situation, they want be successful as long as the rulers are those who were at the execution chamber.

Again, everybody was saying who gave America the right to do what it wants to do in our country while Iraq is Iraq not a state at the United States.
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