Thursday, December 28, 2006

Saddam Is The Last Hope For The US

Since the US invasion to Iraq in 2003 which is a great mistake admitted even by the American officials themselves, the US is trying its best to amend its picture among the Iraqis and the Arab and Moslem world in general but all its efforts are useless because it is always guided by the wrong people who do not have any crediability among the Iraqis or the Arab world.

For almost four years now in Iraq, the US record is getting darker and darker because of some of its soldiers practices and also because all the Iraqis blame the US for the catasrophic situation reached by Iraq as all of them believe that the key decision is in the hand of the Americans not the Iraqi offical puppits who had misled the US to the quagamire of Iraq and the misary of the entire Iraqis.

But, I think now, there is a golden chance in the hand of the US administration and forces In Iraq to improve its position among the Iraqis and the Arab world and prevent a disaster to take place which is to allow the execution of Saddam Hussein after this farce trail.

If the Americans can behave in a wise way this time, they will gain alot among the Iraqi and Arab street but if they listen again to the same people who begged America to come and save them from Saddam regime and how they drag the US army to inbalanced battle, every month no less than 100 US soldier killed while these Iraqi officials either hiding in the green zone or in London or New York, the US will never recover from this fatal mistake.

All the Iraqis now are expecting something very bad with the execution of Saddam Hussein even shiite because they know that this issue would kill the last hope they have in reconciliation and living together peacefully again.

I have talked with so many Sunni during the trial and asked them what do they think of it especailly those whom their relatives have executed by Saddam Hussein regime for plotting against him or for other reasons, they said that they do not watch the trail because they feel it is an insult for them and that all the Sunni in Iraq are in the cage where Saddam put by the shiite and Kurds and if Saddam will be executed they will feel that it is an execution to all the Sunnis in Iraq and nothing would be left for them only to fight for their wounded dignity.

The US must know if that Saddam was a tyrant in its view, he is a great national hero in view of so many Iraqis and Arab people and if you think it is difficult to prove that just read or ask any Arab man about Saddam or about his execution and see what he will tell you.

The only thing the US will gain by submitting Saddam to the Iraqi sectarian government to execute him is the eternal hatred in the Middle Esat and the American people will pay the price though they do not have hand in that but I think it would be very hard for them to visit the Arab world because they would be considered as killers and even moderate Iraqis and Arabs will not forgive them fo this mistake.

In an interview with an Iraqi officer in the Republican Guards who fought during the battle of the airport in Baghdad in 2003, he told me this story, he said, " For us that was the most decisive battle and we massed up alot of forces there because if the US take the airport that means they will take Baghdad and though with the big treason of some of the Iraqi commanders we forgot everything and we put our Baghdad in front of our eyes and indulged in the fight with all our faith and belief.

It was so hard to see my colleagues killed one after another but at the same time it was a great scene to see all these Iraqis fighting for their dear city Baghdad with all that courage.

While I was busy shooting with my colleagues, all of a sudden, we found Saddam Hussein with a number of his assistants inside the airport, we were really surprised because we did not expect such thing, but Saddam went forward and took an RPG and put it on his shoulder and began to shoot by himself, we gathered around him and begged him to stay aside and leave us fighting because if we would be killed we are common officers but if he is killed, we would lose our leader, Saddam turned to us and said, " Look Iam not better than any one of you and this is the high time to defend our great Iraq and it would be great to be killed as a martyer for the sake of Iraq."

It is true that the shiite in Iraq whom their sons executed by Saddam regime would be happy if Saddam executed but this speech you would hear it immediatly after the invasion not now after all these cars bombs, IEDs, suicied bombers, assassinations, deportation, economic and social crises and disappointment in everything, the only thing the Iraqi indvidual thinks of now is how to finish his day safely and not kicked out of his house by militias.

The situation reached a level that a woman is scared to go for shopping, a kid is scared to go to his school, a man to go to his work, a family is scared to collect a body from the morgue, scared to set up a funeral for the victim and scared of hundred other things.

If Saddam Hussein is a hateful man for the shiite, Saddam is a great hero for most of the Arab people because he was the only Arab ruler who broke the routine rules of the Arab rulers and attacked Israel with more than 42 rocket, though this thing is something absured for the western world but it is highly appreciated by the Arab people who had enough disappointment of their rulers' policy and US policy towards the Arab world together.

I hope for the last time in this ugly days we are living in now, that the US would do something that it won't regert all over its history because if the US thinks that it will gain the appreciation of shiite in Iraq by allowing the execution of Saddam, it will lose the majority of the Arab world because if shiite is majority in Iraq, they are minority to the Arab and Islamic world.


Blogger Amre El-Abyad said...

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6:10 AM  
Blogger James R said...

Thanks for the interesting article Ishtar. The way Saddams execution was conducted was a disgrace but I cant understand why anyone could see Saddam as a hero.
Apart from everything else, Saddam was a total incompetent. The invasion of Kuwait is a prime example and allowed the West to cause a great deal of suffering to ordinary Iraqis.
It seems obvious at this stage that the Iraqi government don't even bother to pretend to serve any Iraqi other than Shia.

5:49 PM  
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Blogger perry said...

Sadman was an Iraqi citizen condemned by an Iraqi court. The U.S. couldn't legally interfere with the sentence. Not that many Americans will miss him.
The question now is,do we stay awhile to keep sunni's from being massacred,or do we say to hell with them for killing 3000 American soldiers?

12:21 AM  
Blogger perry said...

But the story of how American commanders and diplomats fought to halt the execution until midnight on Friday, only six hours before Mr. Hussein was hanged, is only now coming into focus, as Iraqi and American officials, in the glare of international outrage over the hanging, compete with their versions of what happened.

12:49 AM  
Blogger anibodi said...

I am not and Iraqi nor an Arab. However, I do share your feelings regarding the whole situation in Iraq.

As I see it, the present US-installed Iraqi govt is strictly pro-Shia, as the US would not want a Sunni leader to emerge again to control the country. Therefore, Iraq will never see peace until it is divided into two different states, which will fall into the scheme of Western divide-and-rule strategy.

Since you guys cannot be united as one race, accept under Saddam, then it is better to separate, in order to have peace and stability for the innocent masses.

6:13 AM  
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Tips cara Latihan Membentuk Otot Kaki yang Kuat

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Blogger mohamad dahlani said...

Produk Pemutih Wajah Secret Key Snail + EGF Repairing Emulsion

Pemutih Tubuh Alami

Tips Menjaga Kesehatan Tubuh Manusia

Perawatan muka putih

Cara Menjaga Kandungan hamil di Trimester Ketiga

Cara Menghilangkan Buras

Obat Penghilang Buras

Penyakit Buras

Obat Buras Alami

Perawatan Tubuh

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Blogger mohamad dahlani said...

Penyebab Daya tahan tubuh Menurun

Bagaimana Cara Menghilangkan Bau Badan dalam tubuh

Cara Perawatan Rambut Sehat Alami

Cara Sehat meningkatkan Stamina

Perawatan Rambut Berminyak pada kepala

Cara Perawatan Muka Yang Baik

Produk Kecantikan Wajah

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