Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baghdad Sniper

Ali, is a Shiite guy from Omera lives in Baghdad near Sader city with his other seven brother, after the US invasion to Iraq, he became member of Mahdi army and within days, a big picture with a slogan was put by him at the corner of the mews where he lives,saying" Long Live Leader, Long Live ledaer." when I read it, I said is it for Saddam? because these slogans used to be written for Saddam but when I came closer to the picture, it was for Muqtada Al-Sader in piligrimage white uniform in Mecca.

Two weeks ago, after many raids on hay Al-Neil in Baghdad, the ministry of Interior captured a Sunni guy from Joubri tribe and accused him of being Baghdad sniper, all the people in the neighbourhood were in shock because they know that this guy is innocent he raised up in this neighbourhood and his neighbours are coming and going to his house, the shiite neighbours even went to the cleric of the closest Husseini to them and told him to speak with Mahdi army who wear the uniform of the ministry of Interior and tell them that this guy is innocent, he is not a sniper and they can vouge for him, but the guy disappeared and everybody knows that soon his body will be found in the trash.

After few days, the same neighbourhood raided by the police and militias and when people wanted to know what is going on, they knew that two body guards of the minister of Interior were shot dead by a sniper and five of the police cadits who were training at the yard of the police academey were killed by a sniper who was picking up them one by one.

The trainers did not understand what was going on, only all of a sudden, one of their colleagues would collapse till they discovered that they were shot by a sniper with a silencer.

yesterday, Ali, the Mahdi army guy went to the Husseini in his neighourhood near hay Al-Neil and was standing with some men there, all of a sudden he fell on on his face, the men gathered to see what is wrong with him, when they laid him down, they saw that he was shot in his abdomen by a sniper.

Ali was taken immediatly to the hospital where they could not find a doctor to do a surgery for him, as most of the doctors either have been killed or left the country,and when a doctor was found, they got another problem which is to get him blood bags, again there is a great shortage in blood bags at the blood bank, all Ali neighbours, Sunni and Shiite jumped to donate blood for their neighbour Ali but the doctor said he can't use this blood he needs blood bags.

After a short surgery, Ali died soon due to an internal bleeding which the doctor could not stop.

As the news broke in the neighbourhood about Ali's death, tens of Mahdi army raided Ali's neighbourhood, firing in the air and vowing to revenge of Sunnis for his killing and that they will kill a hundred instead.

police came and began to check all the houses in front of the Husseini thinking that the sniper was shooting from these houses but they found nothing, all the neighbours were telling the police, " Do you think we would kill our son Ali even if we are Sunni?"

Ali's funeral is set up for the second day today but at noon time, men sitting in the funeral began to run out and shouting, the news was a sniper is shooting against a secondary school close to the funeral and he has killed a policeman, so parents were in panic to go and collect their daughters but no man dare to go there because they will be killed, so they sent women to bring the girls.

All of that and they say they capture Baghdad sniper.


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