Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ammar Al-Hakeem

I was watching a program run by Iraqi satellite "Al-Diyar" about basic services in Najef, problems of housing, fuel and getting basic needs to live like any normal person in the world.

The program showed familes who had become homeless since the showdown in 2004 between Sader loyalists and US forces, all of them were complaining of the bad conditions there and that they did not get any compensations for their damaged houses or lost sons, or wounded.

Some of them work for the government and their salaries are not enough to buy fuels, food and medications, a woman who was carrying a baby said that hse lost her 4-month son because of poverity and luck of basic treatment and that even she can not buy a dress for her.

The situation was miserable by all means and the people there were shouting where is the government that we have elected, can they come and have a look and find a solution for us, are not we Iraqis?

I looked at these people and I know there are thousands of examples like them all over Iraq and wondered why the Iraqi people lost any energy to go in protest against the crazy prize of fuels in addition to its absence from the streert, why the Iraqis are ready to stand in line for gas for a week and do not go in protest over that?

why they do not protest for the luck of security, power, water and services? why? what happened to our people?

Then after few minutes I turned the channel to watch Iraqi local satellite "Al-Furat" and saw people in Najef and some other provines in the south were marching in protest for the arrest of Ammar Al-Hkeem for four hours by the Americans and that they were upset and even Adel Abdul Mahdi is upset, the vice president for that and really surprised.

I just want to know these people who are protesting for Mr.Ammar whose is fine and ok, did they ever think to protest for the 50 or 60 body found in Iraq every day thrown in teh trash, these peopel are not human being, not Iraqis, only Mr.ammar who lives like a king, while most of these innocent people are common people who can't find enough food for them and their families.

I remembered listening to an Iraqi guy who lives in London and contacted Al-Mustakala satellite to defend Malki that he is a great man and even you can see heavenly light shining on his face!!!!!!

And with endless complains by people about the bad performance of the Malki governmnet, the guy clinged to pretext used by the governments and its loyalists that it is an elected government and no one has the right to criticize it.

I turned the channel to Al-Jazeera and watched the news that Italian prime minster has resigned though everybody know that Romano Prodi last year won remarkably in the elections there.

when I saw that I said to myself when the Iraqi will learn real democracy and the governement in Baghdad have the courage to declare its failure to the world and resign.

Sure this is impossible because democracy in Iraq is imported to the Iraqis by the Americans, they know nothing about it and it seems that they want to stay moving in the satellite of the elected government which is blessed by God and Marjiyia and it is beyond and criticizm or democracy.


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Clutch should understand that whilst the American people (and even the NeoCons) did not invade Iraq for revenge, it is possible that Bush did. He is simple minded, hot headed and easily led. One of the ways the NeoCons could most easily persuaded him would have been by presenting it as an opportunity to take revenge.

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