Thursday, December 28, 2006

Saddam Is The Last Hope For The US

Since the US invasion to Iraq in 2003 which is a great mistake admitted even by the American officials themselves, the US is trying its best to amend its picture among the Iraqis and the Arab and Moslem world in general but all its efforts are useless because it is always guided by the wrong people who do not have any crediability among the Iraqis or the Arab world.

For almost four years now in Iraq, the US record is getting darker and darker because of some of its soldiers practices and also because all the Iraqis blame the US for the catasrophic situation reached by Iraq as all of them believe that the key decision is in the hand of the Americans not the Iraqi offical puppits who had misled the US to the quagamire of Iraq and the misary of the entire Iraqis.

But, I think now, there is a golden chance in the hand of the US administration and forces In Iraq to improve its position among the Iraqis and the Arab world and prevent a disaster to take place which is to allow the execution of Saddam Hussein after this farce trail.

If the Americans can behave in a wise way this time, they will gain alot among the Iraqi and Arab street but if they listen again to the same people who begged America to come and save them from Saddam regime and how they drag the US army to inbalanced battle, every month no less than 100 US soldier killed while these Iraqi officials either hiding in the green zone or in London or New York, the US will never recover from this fatal mistake.

All the Iraqis now are expecting something very bad with the execution of Saddam Hussein even shiite because they know that this issue would kill the last hope they have in reconciliation and living together peacefully again.

I have talked with so many Sunni during the trial and asked them what do they think of it especailly those whom their relatives have executed by Saddam Hussein regime for plotting against him or for other reasons, they said that they do not watch the trail because they feel it is an insult for them and that all the Sunni in Iraq are in the cage where Saddam put by the shiite and Kurds and if Saddam will be executed they will feel that it is an execution to all the Sunnis in Iraq and nothing would be left for them only to fight for their wounded dignity.

The US must know if that Saddam was a tyrant in its view, he is a great national hero in view of so many Iraqis and Arab people and if you think it is difficult to prove that just read or ask any Arab man about Saddam or about his execution and see what he will tell you.

The only thing the US will gain by submitting Saddam to the Iraqi sectarian government to execute him is the eternal hatred in the Middle Esat and the American people will pay the price though they do not have hand in that but I think it would be very hard for them to visit the Arab world because they would be considered as killers and even moderate Iraqis and Arabs will not forgive them fo this mistake.

In an interview with an Iraqi officer in the Republican Guards who fought during the battle of the airport in Baghdad in 2003, he told me this story, he said, " For us that was the most decisive battle and we massed up alot of forces there because if the US take the airport that means they will take Baghdad and though with the big treason of some of the Iraqi commanders we forgot everything and we put our Baghdad in front of our eyes and indulged in the fight with all our faith and belief.

It was so hard to see my colleagues killed one after another but at the same time it was a great scene to see all these Iraqis fighting for their dear city Baghdad with all that courage.

While I was busy shooting with my colleagues, all of a sudden, we found Saddam Hussein with a number of his assistants inside the airport, we were really surprised because we did not expect such thing, but Saddam went forward and took an RPG and put it on his shoulder and began to shoot by himself, we gathered around him and begged him to stay aside and leave us fighting because if we would be killed we are common officers but if he is killed, we would lose our leader, Saddam turned to us and said, " Look Iam not better than any one of you and this is the high time to defend our great Iraq and it would be great to be killed as a martyer for the sake of Iraq."

It is true that the shiite in Iraq whom their sons executed by Saddam regime would be happy if Saddam executed but this speech you would hear it immediatly after the invasion not now after all these cars bombs, IEDs, suicied bombers, assassinations, deportation, economic and social crises and disappointment in everything, the only thing the Iraqi indvidual thinks of now is how to finish his day safely and not kicked out of his house by militias.

The situation reached a level that a woman is scared to go for shopping, a kid is scared to go to his school, a man to go to his work, a family is scared to collect a body from the morgue, scared to set up a funeral for the victim and scared of hundred other things.

If Saddam Hussein is a hateful man for the shiite, Saddam is a great hero for most of the Arab people because he was the only Arab ruler who broke the routine rules of the Arab rulers and attacked Israel with more than 42 rocket, though this thing is something absured for the western world but it is highly appreciated by the Arab people who had enough disappointment of their rulers' policy and US policy towards the Arab world together.

I hope for the last time in this ugly days we are living in now, that the US would do something that it won't regert all over its history because if the US thinks that it will gain the appreciation of shiite in Iraq by allowing the execution of Saddam, it will lose the majority of the Arab world because if shiite is majority in Iraq, they are minority to the Arab and Islamic world.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All Tears Are Not Enough

All tears in the world are not enough to cry our dear Iraq, our dear brothers, relatives, friends and innocent Iraqis who have been killed for no reason just because they loved their country and wanted to stay loyal to its soil till the last breathe they have in this life.

Can any body explain to me what kind of a world we are living in now, a world that is watching and hearing every day that no less than 100 body found in Baghdad thrown in the trash and does not take a single step to stop that, in the contrary it has become a common piece of news and merely number written in the newspapers and thrown away, no one can feel the impact of that, only the Iraqi families who lose every day,a father, brother, son and relative.

Instead of finding a solution to this daily mass killing, Bush declared his support to the Iraqi sectarian government who is in charge of all these victims and insisted on keeping Malki, Ruba'i and other ulcers to accomplish their mission and genocide all the Iraqis except their loyalists and supporters.

In a funeral set up for one of the Iraqi retired officers who had been kidnapped in front of one of the banks in Baghdad while he went there to collect some money for his family, and after few days his body found at the forensic depratment in Baghdad and by miracle brought home, a group of women in the same neighbourhood came to console his Sunni wife and family but in fact each one of them sat to cry endlessly her own killed people.

The first woman who arrived when she heard the news, is a shiite woman whom her eldest son died on Al-A'ima bridge last year while he was heading to Kadimiyia shrine, he fell on one of the barriers and people stepped on his body, in the evening his body found in one of the hospitals in Baghdad left on the ground as there was no space to keep him in the fridge.

Her eldest borther killed last May after being kicked out of his neighbourhood, she sat in front of the wife to cry her neighbour and her dear son and brother.

After few minutes, another Shiite neighbour came, her brother was killed in a bombing of a Husseini in Khanaqien in Nov,last year, while he was preparying for his wedding, a suicide bomber blew up himself inside the Husseini where the brotehr was praying with other people there.

Soon, a Sunni woman came to join her neighbours and to cry her young son whom within three months dignoised with lempho cancer though he was a sport guy, but with the luck of good doctors and medications, the guy died at home within three months to leave only his pictures at home which the mother speak with them most of the time.

A christain woman came to the funeral to cry her two nephews who were killed in the bombing of one of the most popular resturant in Abu Nua's street last year while they were having breakfast there and some other policemen.

Another Sunni woman showed up whom her son was killed by daeth squads after being kidnapped just because his name is "Omer".

A shiite neighbour turned up whom her son in Law killed by an IED last year while Mahdi army was clashing with the Americans in Sader city with his friend to leave her daughter with two kids homeless, later on, she brought her daughter to live with the family.

Another Sunni woman came, her son who is a teacher in a High school was assassinated at the main gate of the school for reasons til now they could not figure out.

Another and Another and Another, I can assure you that all the people who came to the funeral have lost a dear person and they are in fear in losing more and do not know what to do and what is their crime?

All of them were exchanging terrible stories about killing, kidnapping, deportation, fear of sending their kids to schools and universities, luck of work and money to earn their living, luck of fuels and how the prices are very high and and.......

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Leave The House

Ammar, a shiite engineer lives in Hay Al-Adel, after the deterioration of the security situation in Iraq, he left to Jordan and waited there for four months after buying a visa to Canada with $11,000 to flee the hell of Iraq and the government of the national unity.

The flight to Canada was not direct but Ammar has to stop in Moscow for few hours and then continue, but in Moscow, Ammar told that he is not allowed to continue his trip and he has to go back to Jordan.

Ammar was dying to reach Amman and ask the guy who got him the visa why it was refused though he paid such a huge amount of money, he could not wait the security officers to check him to run to the guy but again the security men looked in his documents and told him that he is not allowed to get in Jordan, he has to find another place.

So,he decided to go to Syria and would contact the guy from there and question about the visa, when he got at the Syrian airport and the officers there found that Ammar was not allowed to access Amman, they told him that they can't allow him too.

The only joice left to Ammar was to go back to Baghdad, so, he booked his flight to Baghdad and headed home to Hay Al-Adel.

Ammar found his mother only at home waiting for him, the entire family left after receiving a threat to evacuate the house being Shiite and give it to Sunni family kicked out of Hurriyia district by Mahdi army few days ago, and survived the killing and burning of their houses there.

The mother was reluctant to leave her house but she was left with two options, either she allowed two families to stay with her or she leaves the hosue within three days, otherwise she will be killed and the house will be confiscated at the end.

Ammar convinced his mother to leave to spare their lives and that nothing is more important than their safety, the mother left the house crying all her memories in her dear house and all effort she exerted with her husband to build the family house.

Ammar decided to leave to his grandfather house, but for his surprise he found his aunt with her family at his grandfather house too, because she herself was kicked out of her house from Sha'ab district as her husband is Sunni and he was threatened too to leave the neighbourhood within 24 hour, or he will be killed and the house was given to Shiite family kicked out of Sunni dominated district.

I have to stay, since the Iraqi-Iranian war till now, I mean within the last thirty years, Iraq has not witnessed such black fearful days like these days, and if you talk with any person now, he will tell you that he expects the worse and that today is better than tomorrow.

Even the three weeks of 2003 war with all their bruital bombardment and the killing of so many innocent Iraqis but still we were able to move in and around Baghdad, yes, with fear of dying of shooting but not to be killed by the Iraqis, our people.

I bet any Iraqi now to contact a friend, a relative, any Iraqi or sit to talk with any person lives in Baghdad now, and he would tell you a single happy piece of news, all what he will be talking about is how to get out of this hell and leave it to the brave politicians who live at the Green Zone to fill their bellies with more million dollars on the barter of the lives of the Iraqi people.

I bet any Iraqi to go to any district in Baghdad and he won't see a funeral or a black banner for an Iraqi man or woman killed by militia, car bomb, IEDs or a sniper, and after all of that you will have Talbani telling you that the situation now is better than three years ago.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baghdad Sniper

Ali, is a Shiite guy from Omera lives in Baghdad near Sader city with his other seven brother, after the US invasion to Iraq, he became member of Mahdi army and within days, a big picture with a slogan was put by him at the corner of the mews where he lives,saying" Long Live Leader, Long Live ledaer." when I read it, I said is it for Saddam? because these slogans used to be written for Saddam but when I came closer to the picture, it was for Muqtada Al-Sader in piligrimage white uniform in Mecca.

Two weeks ago, after many raids on hay Al-Neil in Baghdad, the ministry of Interior captured a Sunni guy from Joubri tribe and accused him of being Baghdad sniper, all the people in the neighbourhood were in shock because they know that this guy is innocent he raised up in this neighbourhood and his neighbours are coming and going to his house, the shiite neighbours even went to the cleric of the closest Husseini to them and told him to speak with Mahdi army who wear the uniform of the ministry of Interior and tell them that this guy is innocent, he is not a sniper and they can vouge for him, but the guy disappeared and everybody knows that soon his body will be found in the trash.

After few days, the same neighbourhood raided by the police and militias and when people wanted to know what is going on, they knew that two body guards of the minister of Interior were shot dead by a sniper and five of the police cadits who were training at the yard of the police academey were killed by a sniper who was picking up them one by one.

The trainers did not understand what was going on, only all of a sudden, one of their colleagues would collapse till they discovered that they were shot by a sniper with a silencer.

yesterday, Ali, the Mahdi army guy went to the Husseini in his neighourhood near hay Al-Neil and was standing with some men there, all of a sudden he fell on on his face, the men gathered to see what is wrong with him, when they laid him down, they saw that he was shot in his abdomen by a sniper.

Ali was taken immediatly to the hospital where they could not find a doctor to do a surgery for him, as most of the doctors either have been killed or left the country,and when a doctor was found, they got another problem which is to get him blood bags, again there is a great shortage in blood bags at the blood bank, all Ali neighbours, Sunni and Shiite jumped to donate blood for their neighbour Ali but the doctor said he can't use this blood he needs blood bags.

After a short surgery, Ali died soon due to an internal bleeding which the doctor could not stop.

As the news broke in the neighbourhood about Ali's death, tens of Mahdi army raided Ali's neighbourhood, firing in the air and vowing to revenge of Sunnis for his killing and that they will kill a hundred instead.

police came and began to check all the houses in front of the Husseini thinking that the sniper was shooting from these houses but they found nothing, all the neighbours were telling the police, " Do you think we would kill our son Ali even if we are Sunni?"

Ali's funeral is set up for the second day today but at noon time, men sitting in the funeral began to run out and shouting, the news was a sniper is shooting against a secondary school close to the funeral and he has killed a policeman, so parents were in panic to go and collect their daughters but no man dare to go there because they will be killed, so they sent women to bring the girls.

All of that and they say they capture Baghdad sniper.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Iran's Schemes In Iraq

Few months after the assassination Of top Shiite cleric Baqer Al-Hakiem in Nejef in August 2003, I had the chance to meet the chief judge at the Iraqi centeral Criminal Court in Harithiyia at that time who is Shiite and asked him about sort of cases they have and when they would issue the final verdicts about them.

The judge said that he had three ready cases and their result will be a shock to the entire Iraqis, I aksed him about these cases, he said first we have the case of cleric Baqer Al-Hakiem assassination, we had done deep investigation regarding this case, we checked the cars used in his convoy and the explosive material used in this explosion and some of the surviors who were his body guards.

The judge said we found that the cars belong to the Iranian Intelligence " Itila'at" and if you see the place where the bomb was planted you will find no one can put it in this place only a person who manufactured this car.

I asked him why do you think the Iranian regime would kill Al-Hakiem while he spent most of his life there and he promised to be loyal to them because they had hosted him?

The judge said" If you take a good look at the last statements and speeches aired by the late cleric you will find that the man was trying to get out of the Iranian grip and deal with Iraq case as Iraqi not Iranian, a matter which provoked the Iranians and made them angery about him in a way they decided to get rid of him."

This is what the shiite judge said and that soon the result of the investigation would be declared to the Iraqis but unfortuentally like so many important cases, no one tell the truth to the Iraqis because this is against the Shiite parties who are loyal to Iran.

Yesterday, The Ministry of Defence accomplished investigation about the cars bombs riddles Sader City last week and the minsitry found the Shasset of the cars bombs were Iranian and in fact these cars were at the custmos department with Iran for few days as there was a problem to get them inside Iraq but all of a sudden they found their way in Sader city.

But as usual the investigation will be kept because the result is not good for the Shiite parties who are loyal to Iran while every body knows Iran dirty game in Iraq which is to fund and support both Mahdi army and Bader Brigade by which it can have its own men at the Iraqi government and also can equiped Mahdi army to attack the British troops in Basra, the conflict is very feversih now between the both sides, it is much better for Iran to spend money but spare the blood of its men but the hell with the Iraqis, let them die for the sake of the Persians.

It is really amazing the way the Shiite parties haste to deny any Iranian intereference in Iraq though the entire world is confirming that and when you ask them about their nationality they will tell they are Iraqis, May God helps Iraq with such traitors.

Two young brothers from Al-Fadhil district in Baghdad, 14 year and 12 year went out of their district to buy few things, thinking taht it is natural,but for their bad luck ,they were stopped by Mahdi army who began to ask them who they are and where are they from? the young guys told Mahdi army who were in police uniforms that they are from Fadhil district.

Mahdi army did not wait long to give each one of them few bullets in his head and throw them on the trash, only yesterday their family found them at the Forensic department which is controlled by Mahdi army, but again they could not go to collect their bodies because the followers of Imam Al-Mahdi are waiting for them to kill them.

Just for your information, according to a Shiite cleric who is a Sader follower, he told me that when Imam Mahdi will show up again, he will look at those who claim that they are his followers and the entire moslems and will be very upset of what they are doing and what they have done, in a way, he will turn his face and go to the west because they are better.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

You Are Very Stupid

I swear to God, the honest nationalist Iraqi peopl will never forgive and forget the US-British troops crimes in Iraq all over the history simply because the Iraqi army did not cross seven oceans and invaded the US or Britain but within day and night the Iraqi people found themselves victims of sick dreams of these tyrant states who exposed to the entire world their real vicious nature and hatred towards Arab and Moslems by their invasion to Iraq.

It was much better for US and Britain when they came on their tanks and planes to Iraq to tell the Iraqi people the truth behind their invasion which is to protect their interest in the region and get rid of Saddam Hussein who was the only obstecl in their way.

It was much better for them to tell the Iraqis that truth because the Iraqis would understand that but to come and invade Iraq with slogans of democracy and their concerns about oppresed Shiite and Kurds, this had aggraveted the situation more and more.

The problem of these occuyping states or in fact the entire western world that they think that they are the only smart people in the world and Arabs and Moslems are the most stupid just because they can drink as much as they can and they can be naked as much as they can, but in fact, within the last hundred years, the western world proved to be the most stupid, just try to ask any English person in London about a street in his neighbourhood, immediatly he will tell you "I do not know", and will run to his map!!!!

This luck of knowledge of other people culture and being filled with the idea of being the best is reflected in US-British troops fatal mistake in Iraq, and in fact you can see that they behave like a drunk US or English man, when they try to amend the mess they caused in this country, they do not want to learn from their previous mistakes and actually they can't undestand the big shouts that are coming from everywhere even from US and Britain telling them, " You are very stupid."

They thought when they came to Iraq accompained by the Iraqi traitors abroad, that all the Iraqis are duplicate to these figures, they did not know that there are Iraqis Sunni, Shiite and Kurds who are ready to pay their lives for the sake of Iraq, their beloved country.They are not mercineries like most of the coaltion forces, they can't stand the idea of Iraq being occupied while they call themselves men.

In one of the US patrols in Baghdad, I saw a US soldiers driving his vehicle with a big picture for a naked woman near the mirror in front of him and he was touring the streets of Baghdad, what does this stupid soldier think the reaction would be? respect from the Iraqis or a persistance to kill him as he was provoking them.

After the exposure of the most shameful crime committed by the US soldiers against an Iraqi family in Yousifiyia, killing the parants and two daughters after raping the innocent girl " Abeer", a committe by the US army wanted to investigate the crime, but see what they suggested to prove, it is real or fake while every body know it is absoultly real and even the soldier hismelf confessed the crime of raping, the committee suggested the exhumbing of Abeer body!!!!

What do you think the reaction of Abeer's tribe? do you think they will accept that for the sake of few bloody US dollars, they told the committee the hell with your dollars and investigation, even when she is in the grave, you do not want to leave her alone.

But what do you understand from that? The level of stupidity and ignorance of these Americans, whom they think that all the people will kneel to their knees for their dollars, they can't understand the brutality of their crime, the shame behind it and they want to correct it by another mistake, no one of their Iraqi friends tell them, the real culture of the Iraqis tribes and society, that the are men who will take revenage for Abeer and her family soon or later and no dollars or anything can repair the damage caused by their filthy soldiers.
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