Monday, February 26, 2007

Iraqi Kids After The Invasion

I was talking with an Iraqi psychiatrist about cases of kids traumatized by the war and terror wave that is ravaging Iraq, the doctor told me that the number of the Iraqi kids who suffered of different types of sycho problems since the US invasion till now is increasing rapidly.

He said, " If I receied five patients in my clinic every day, be sure one of them is a kid, which means I receive no less than 60 kids per a month."

The doctor was talking about Iraqi girl whose only 9 yr old but she is in panic all the time and all of a sudden she might start screaming without any reason if she is at home or at school.

The reason of her case is that while she was heading home from her school she has seen some gunmen kidnapping a kid after beating him severely and she was stuck between but survived by a miracle.

The only way now to clam this kid is to give her valium tabelt and make her sleep, otherwise sh won't stop screaming and shouting, " They are coming, they are coming, they will kill me."

But the doctor voiced to me his surprise for a new case he received recently which he had never come close before since he became a doctor.

The case is of a sister and her two brothers, she is only 12 yr while her brothers are 8 yr and 6 yr, they live in Sader city. The father has divorced the mother and the mother runaway some where and left the three kids alone.

The three kids were left to the drug gangesters in Sader city who did not spare any effort to provide the three kids with different kinds of medications, in a way these medications became their real nutrition.

All of that is fine and ok and we can find such thing everywhere but the doctor said that he was shocked when he found the 12yr sister does not feel ok and happy unless she takes Viagra because she is addict to Viagra!!!!!!!!!!!!

" When the three kids brought to the hospital by a man who volunteered to help the kids, I found that the boys are addict to different types of medications but for my shock, I found this young girl is addict to Viagra, how can she take it and why she is taken this medication, something I could not understand."

I needed to talk with an Iraqi girl whose her school is attacked by mortars and she herself was wounded, she said, "Thanks God, the break was finished an we we just heading back to our classes when the mortars fell inside the school, it would be a real massacre if we were in the school yard, but I was wounded in my hand and so as many girls with me."

The school now is deserted, only 12 girl would come to the class because some of them, their families stopped sending them to school because they do not want them to be killed.

" every week, I might go once or twice to the school though I like my school and classes very much but it is very risky, the tripe to the school is risky too and my mother is worried all the time, that i might be kidnapped." Hadier said.

At night, I put the satellite on Iraqi local channle is called, there was a program about kids education and what are the suitable means to educated the Iraqi kid and raise him in the right way, I sat to listen to the woman who was hosting a man was talking about this subject and answering the viewers questions.

The mobile rang, and it was a kid from Hilla who wanted to ask the man a question and see what does he think?

The question of the kid was, is it Halal or Haram for a kid to wound his head with a sword or anything sharp in the anniversary of Imam Hussein in an imitation of the way Imam Ali assassinated in Kufa mosque by a persian guy who was carrying a poisioned sword?

The man answer to the kid was like that, he said, " Dear kid, before I use to disagree with this habit but recently I discovered it is very useful and even appreciated by world psychiatrists for its merits, and in addition to that, according to the Sharret law it is Halal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really could not understand how Islamic Sharret would accept a kid hurt himself like that while all its laws are meant to maintian the safety of the moslems and every body knows how sensative the head is, being a major part of the body and a kid might lose his conciousness or sight by hitting his head with sharp tool and thought the man answer would be to execuse this kid of such thing and wait till he becomes a man, at least.

Poor Iraqi kids, I do not know where he will get from? and when he will live like any common kid in the world away of blood, violence and terror.


Blogger Anna said...

wow , this sounds terrible. Every time i read about how in situations like war and terror there is a cynical use of children, which is disguasting and shows how the morality of the fundamentalists is completely fake.I wish the children all over the world peace and childhood, these are the 2 most important things.Children should b children and not a vesel of propoganda trunsmition like they serve,unfortunatly ,all over middle east. I can give the example of Israel, where palestinians are putting the children in front in order to show, the so called, "israeli cruelty" , while themselves not bothering to protect their own offspring.

5:19 AM  
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