Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bush Revenge

I was talking with some foreign journalists about the situation in Iraq and the reasons behind the US invasion to Iraq, one of the British journalist told me that the real reason of the war was Bush, the son, desire to revenge for his father.

I looked at the man and really could not believe what he had said, I was completely shocked of his speech.

Is it believable that that journalist believe in such thing and if it is true, is it believable that the president of the supreme state in the world belives in revenge?

I have heard and read alot about western world resentment of the Arab society being primitive and tribal as one of its main principles is revenge but never think that Bush believes in revenge like any Arab tribe and he launched this bloody war which claimed lives of thousands Iraqis and American soldiers just to revenge for his father whose ok and enjoy his life in peace and tranquility.

But even if we consider the war as a revenge attempt by Bush for his father, again everybody knows that if Bush had a revenge with the Iraqis, it must be with Saddam Hussein because the US accused Saddam in 1993 of planning an assassination attempt against Bush the father in Kuwait and the answer was the second day.

I stil remember it was June 29th at mid night, I was sleeping on the roof and all of a sudden a sharp light shined in the sky and disappeared and when I woke up in the morning I knew that US under Bill Clinton leadership had attacked the Iraqi Mukhabart headquarter in Mansour and damaged many houses there and killed and injured alot of Iraqis.

So in accordance to the tribale norms and traditions, the US revenge to the failing attempt and though they lost nobody, they killed few Iraqis, so wht they want more? in fact even if an Arab tribe wants to revenge for the killing of one of its member, the revenge would be against the person who committed the crime not against the entire family or tribe.

Bust look at Bush revenge from the Iraqis, it has exceeded the most well known revenge in the world and even our tribal system proved to be more civilized than Bush system cause you can pay compensation to the victim's family and finish the subject.

With Bush revenge, though all Iraq's wealths have been drained by the US and its allies for more than four years now, more han 650,000 Iraqi killed in this war, regardless of the missing and handicaps or those who are left with psycho problems or homeless, all of that was not enough.

To revenge for one man, an entire country with more than 26 million has to be destroyed completely and its leader has to be slaughter for the eyes of Bush, the father, like a sheep and still Bush the son is not happy.

can Mr.Bush tell us what does he want from the Iraqis and what they should do so that he would be totally convinced that he had revenged for his father and that his mission was accomplished and he is the best avenger in the history?

Is it not enough for Bush all this Iraqi blood had been shed for the sake of his father? and to submit Iraq on golden dish to Iran though he claims all the time that he is not happy with Iran and war with Iran is imment, though every body knows that these are mere lies and both states enjoy the best relation in the world.

Is it not enough for Bush that he brought all the criminal parties and movements in the world and gathered them in Iraq to rule this country and its people to the downhell?

I have to say that that war made the US loose its fake shining picture in the world particularly in the eyes of the Iraqis, because pre the war, Iraqis idea abou the US was great and that US is the most advanced state in the world with the help of the western media and because the Iraqis neither had the chance to travel to the US to discover the reality of that fact nor the Americans could come to Iraq so that the Iraqis can discovery their reality.

But bush made it easier for both sides, he brought the US forces to Iraq to commit the most horrible crimes in the history of humanity against Iraqis and left the NIQAB from the face of the US, to expose its ugly face to the whole world not to the Iraqis only.


Blogger clutch said...

As an American I must assure you that we would not invade your country for revenge. Americans are not a sinister people. We responded to what we percieved was a threat to our national security posed by Saddam Hussein and it has turned out to be a disaster. I believe that when the WTC was attacked on 9/11 it really sank in at how a just a few people could bring a our country to a standsill and this was with planes, not chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. We never thought the Iraqi population was evil either. What we did fear was that Saddam might want to avenge us liberating Kuwait by supplying a small group of terrorists with weapons capable of far more destruction. What we wrongly expected to result from this invasion of your country was to eliminate Saddam and to give the Iraqi people the opportunities to enjoy what we enjoy in a quick and easy fashion. True Freedom. Unfortunately this struggle has become far more costly than we could have imagined. We never could have imagined that so many extremist groups would pop up. We would love nothing more than to be able to leave Iraq in a better position than when we found it. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, we do not want to occupy Iraq. But we can't just cut and run now because that would result in even far worse chaos in Iraq that would most likely spread outside of Iraq's borders. I wish that we could fly Iraqis into our country just to experience what we take for granted. I believe it would certainly be motivational for change. I hurt for your people. I have had nightmares of my 2 1/2 year old son having to live under the conditions you are forced to endure. I hope for the best but I am afraid that if the Democrats in Washington prevail and we pull out prematurely, there will be hell to pay for many years to come. We have made a mess in Iraq. We have to stay and fix it for everyone's future.

9:12 AM  
Blogger butlimous said...

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Blogger Caoilte said...

There are a few things wrong with your post but the idea that America and Iran have good relations is the most extreme.

On what grounds do you say that? It's fascinating that someone could even believe that so I really want to know. Is it simply that America's reputation has reached the point where Iraqis believe the opposite of everything they say?

Clutch should understand that whilst the American people (and even the NeoCons) did not invade Iraq for revenge, it is possible that Bush did. He is simple minded, hot headed and easily led. One of the ways the NeoCons could most easily persuaded him would have been by presenting it as an opportunity to take revenge.

They and he may also have seen it as a chance to teach the world a lesson. "Try and assasinate our president and we'll bomb you back to the stoneage." It's a more extreme version of what they did to Libya and Iran.

3:32 PM  
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Blogger dilbertgeg said...

Several written works combined, The Grand Chessboard (Democrat leaning), the Project for a New American Century's proposal for US hegemony, plus propaganda from Ledeen and Kagan family writing at AEI and Laurie Mylroie at Benador, and Israel's "Clean Break Strategy for Securing the Realm" ...

there's a pretty clear picture of America's real purpose, but it's not nice reading. It's callous.

The fact that American people and soldiers were given a "buffet" of lies from which to choose (including Bush's "revenge" for his dad) (when a former Israeli Mossad who wrote a books on Deception stated that Mossad tried to kill Bush in Spain)

nor the fear induced in the public by Sept 11, preceded by several years by multiple neocons advocating FOR an act like 9-11

has no bearing on foreign policy.

Saddam might have done many things on personal whim.

Bush may do some things on personal whim too.

But an enormous coordinated project the size of this military invasion and destruction of your country, combined with the side projects of buying support and acquiescence from your neighbors and our "allies", has little bearing on those whims and rumors.

Welcome to Project for a New American Century. Many of us disapprove of it almost as much as Iraqis, though I don't mean to compare Iraqis' direct suffering with the indirect suffering that average Americans have endured under our government.

Our freedom or lack thereof is different than under Saddam. The Western propaganda systems are FAR more powerful, less need for direct harsh repression, though that exists too.

We also have our religious kooks and some non-religious kooks, but they have not been so brazen with our peaceful citizens as have your kooks in Iraq in recent times.

Their venemous rhetoric of the various disgraceful "Christian" kooks and Zionist kooks rings throughout our land, but so far they have not engaged in widespread murder operations on US soil.

11:52 PM  
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Blogger mewmewmew said...

On what grounds do you say that? It's fascinating that someone could even believe that so I really want to know. Is it simply that America's reputation has reached the point where Iraqis believe the opposite of everything they say?

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